• New position to compliment responsibilities as President and CEO of Toyota South Africa Motors
  • Executive powers over one of the fastest growing continents
  • New structure in step with Toyota’s stated goals of strengthening the company’s management structure and achieve the goals set by the Toyota Global Vision

Johan van Zyl

Dr Johan van Zyl, President and CEO of Toyota South Africa Motors, has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer for Toyota of Africa as part of an organizational change announced by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC).

With the new position, which Dr Van Zyl will oversee all aspects of the company’s vibrant automotive business on the continent, from planning to production to sales.

The changes in executive management follow the new strategic direction set by the Toyota Global Vision which was announced in March 2011. As part of the Toyota Global Vision the company calls for more “local initiative in management” and stated its intention of devolving strategic implementation to the various major regions.

Dr Van Zyl’s appointment coincides with a major structural change at TMC on a global level. The company has announced that it will divide its operations into four distinct business units that will be best suited to drive its targets for sustainable growth. The new business units are:

  • Lexus International (Lexus business)
  • Toyota No. 1 (North America, Europe and Japan)
  • Toyota No. 2 (China, Asia and Middle East, East Asia and Oceania, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean)
  • Unit Center (engine, transmission and other “unit”-related operations)

Within this new structure Dr Van Zyl’s previous position as Deputy Chief Officer of the Middle East, Africa, and the Latin American & Caribbean region will fall away and will now serve as Chief Executive Officer of the Africa Region.

Dr Van Zyl will also retain his responsibilities as President and CEO of Toyota South Africa Motors.