Dr George Nyabadza appointed as CEO of Sewells Group, South Africa


    Sewells Group is proud to announce that Dr George Nyabadza, a vastly experienced expert in auto retail has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Sewells Group South Africa. Dr Nyabadza will be based in Johannesburg, South Africa. In his role, he will look after Sewells Group’s business interests in the Sub Saharan Africa region including South Africa.


    Sewells Group is a leading global provider of retail solutions to automotive companies across Asia Pacific, Africa & Middle East Regions. Sewells Group closely works with the leading automotive brands to improve the performance of their dealer networks.  With its unique offer in the highly specialized area of dealer performance, Sewells Group has been growing at a fast pace.

    Multi-talented Dr Nyabadza was a part of the senior management team at WesBank South Africa until 2012. He has a PhD in Leadership Development, whilst also being a Chartered Accountant and an alumnus of Stanford Graduate School of Business. His doctoral research focused on Leadership in the motor retail industry. An avid adventure enthusiast, George has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and has been awarded a black belt in martial arts. He is also the holder of a private pilot license.

    Sewells Group Chairman Paddy O’Brien said “As part of our ambitious global growth strategy, Sewells Group is committed to engaging ‘global leaders’ who are capable of being major catalysts in the transformation of the motor retail industry. We are excited to have Dr George Nyabadza as part of our global leadership team.” 

    Dr Nyabadza in turn said, “I was associated with Sewells Group as a young professional and it was a great learning experience. It is homecoming for me. Sewells Group is making great strides globally as thought leaders in the auto retail solutions space. I am excited to be part of this journey and am looking forward to making a contribution to the motor retail industry in this vital and rapidly developing part of the world.”