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Today if you visit your local Google Search engine, you will find the Google Doodle for Douglas Adams, Douglas Adams were a well-known British actor, amateur musician, author and writer. He was from an early age in his career part of British Broadcasting and have worked for the BBC. Today Google is celebrating his legacy and life with an International Google Doodle.

Douglas Adam

Photograph by

Dick Whitlock

When I did my research for this article about Douglas Adams I discovered that he was devoted to the “Save the Rhino” campaign and cared deeply for the Rhino’s. However this is not his greatest legacy, he is well known for his contributions to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy which reached cultist status and who can forget “Doctor Who”. These are just a few of his works that people will read about today. He was also a prominent figure in British Radio and have received an honor award for his devotion to British Broadcasting.

Douglas Adams

Photograph by

Grobler Du Preez

One of the things that is closest to my heart today is the fact that Douglas Adams love rhino’s and the Google Doodle today about Douglas Adams that is featuring a scene from the “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” should have instead been an image of a Rhino. Douglas Adams became the founder patron of Save the Rhino International in 1994 and was a dedicated spokesperson for the “Save the Rhino” campaigns.

Douglas Adams Rhinos

Photograph by

Morkel Erasmus

Today I believe that Douglas Adams would have been impressed by Google Honoring him with a Google Doodle, but he might have even liked it more if Google focused their Google Doodle on his love for Rhino’s and his desire to fight against their extinction.

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In 2013 a record number of 668 Rhinos have been Poached and Killed for their horns in South Africa, and it is believed that 2013 will be even worse for the South African Rhino Population!

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Please share this article with your friends and family today, let’s see if we can together change the legacy of Douglas Adams and make his dream come true of an earth with living Rhino’s.