Doodle 4 Google – India


    Today 14 November 2014 Google India is displaying the recently announced Doodle 4 Google – India winner Doodle on Google India. This year the Doodle 4 Google India theme was “A place in India I wish to visit”. The 2014 Doodle 4 Google – India winner Vaidehi Reddy is from the Army Public School in Pune.


    She is one of 12 Finalists in the competition and received an Invitation to the award ceremony, Certificate of achievement, A Chromebook laptop and their Doodles will be publicly displayed in a gallery on the website She also received a Medal awarded by Google for creating the 2014 winning Google Doodle as well as a 3 night-4 day trip with her parents, to the place in India she created.

    Her Doodle is also displayed today as part of the Doodle 4 Google India Winners awards. This in itself is an extraordinary honor. Yesterday only a limited amount of people knew who Vaidehi Reddy is, and today the whole India (or at least the people reading about this achievement) know who Vaidehi Reddy is. When I write about these Doodles and read about the Doodle 4 Google competitions I wish that it was available when I was in school!

    This year’s Doodle 4 Google India Judging Criteria included:

    • Artistic Merit: The quality and skill demonstrated in the doodle. The student’s class group is considered when evaluating this criteria.
    • Creativity: How well the student incorporated the Google logo into his or her illustration. The logo must be readable. Unique and creative uses of the letters, background, foreground, etc. are all taken into account.
    • Theme Communication: How clearly the competition theme is expressed in both the artwork and the written statement.

    Vaidehi Reddy doodle represents Assam and shows several cultural motifs from the state.

    It also shows a tiger and rhino, which represent the rich wildlife found in Assam.