Motoring AssistGEM Motoring Assist, the number one for breakdown cover in the UK and road safety organisation, joins forces once again with the National Campaign for Courtesy to encourage more politeness across the UK, including the creation of a courtesy code for mobile phone use.

An avid supporter of the Campaign for Courtesy, GEM continues to be committed to the ongoing success of the Courtesy on the Road campaign, encouraging considerate driving to avoid unnecessary conflict. Extending this campaign, and tying into its new leaflet focusing on the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving, GEM is also backing the newly developed mobile phone ‘Courtesy Code’.

The code aims to offer easy-to-follow advice to help avoid distraction and interruption caused by mobile phone use in public places.

David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, comments: “When GEM was founded back in 1932, ‘Care, Courtesy and Concentration’ was the organisation’s slogan and after nearly 80 years these principles still remain extremely important today. We all know what it’s like to be on a tube or train, or out and about, and someone is shouting down the phone next to you, Dom Jolly style. The campaign, and particularly our leaflet with advice on safety and courtesy for mobile phone users, aims to make people aware of when is the right time to take a call. Following this code will mean mobile phone use is less anti-social and disruptive in public places.”

The Courtesy Code:

  • Keep your voice down! Shouting is not necessary
  • Speak quietly in public spaces such as buses or trains
  • Try and text or email your communication to avoid speech that may disturb others
  • Never leave your mobile on a table or desk at a meeting or restaurant, even when it is on vibrate
  • When playing electronic games, switch off the sound
  • Never hold a phone conversation while carrying out another task

Peter Foot, National Chairman of the Campaign for Courtesy comments, “When you are out and about in places such as theatres, restaurants, trains and tubes, libraries, art galleries and many more, it is important to respect others when using your mobile phone.  It is easy enough to do if we follow a few simple rules and it not only shows good manners but also makes situations more comfortable and pleasant for our fellow citizens.”

For more information call GEM Motoring Assist on 01342 825676 to order a hard copy.