Doctor Who Google Doodle Second Day


Doctor Who Second Chance

Today the Google Doodle for Doctor Who is again appearing on the Google Homepage providing millions of users a second time chance to play the Doctor Who Google Doodle game. We here at 3D Car Shows have been following

Google Doodles

for the last couple of years, and this is the first time in Google History that the Doodle appear for the second day on all Google international search engine homepages.

Doctor Who

I have seen in the past that the same Google Doodle graphic have been used for “Children’s Day” or “Independence day” on different days, or consecutive days on different country search homepages, but have never seen that the same doodle have been on the same Google Homepages for consecutive days.

At this time we can only speculate about why Google have chosen to have the Doctor Who Google Doodle running again today.

Why is the Doctor Who Google Doodle showing for Second Day?

This is just speculation but I presume that we will get inside later today from Google themselves on why the Doctor Who doodle is being displayed again today. Here are some of the reasons that we thought might be the reason. This is purely speculation.

  • The Doctor Who Google Doodle is perhaps the most favorite Google Doodle to date and they have chosen to extend the time it’s displayed for a second day, before they archive it to the Google Doodles pages.
  • The Doctor Who Google doodle may have been to challenging for people to complete. The last level in the Doctor Who Google Game is very difficult and when concentrating to complete the last level it can actually hurt your eyes by looking at the flashing lights. Many people may have found it too difficult to complete. Google can monitor the amount of people who finished the game and they have realized that people are still playing and trying to complete the game without success and this have led to the extension of the game for a second day. (If you are struggling to complete the Doctor Who Google Game check out our Tutorial on

    How to play the Doctor Who Google Doodle Game


  • Google have chosen to break out of the mold and simply liked the “Doctor Who” Google Doodle game so much that they wanted people to play it some more.
  • Google Statistics may show that the click through rate on the doodle have been lower than expected and as a reason chosen to make the “Doctor Who” game available for another day.
  • The persons responsible for creating the “Doctor Who” Google Doodle have somehow released the “Doctor Who” doodle on the 22 November 2013 instead of the planned 23 November 2013. (If you read the Wikipedia Article on

    Doctor Who

    it clearly states that Doctor Who was first broadcast by the BBC on the 23rd of November 1963 at 17:16:20 GMT and not on the 22nd November 1963).

Whatever the reason I believe that the Doctor Who Google Doodle will go down in history as the “Most Visited” and most “Played” Google Doodle Game yet, simply because it got another day on the Google Homepage. If I am correct but this is also speculation the previous most played Google Doodle Game were the Pac Man game.

If you have still not completed the Doctor Who Google Game you can read more about How to play the Doctor Who Google Doodle game on our

“How to play the Doctor Who Google Doodle Game”

page. We have also created an article yesterday about the history of

“Doctor Who”

that provides more insight into the Doctor Who BBC British Science Fiction Series.

Google+ #DrWhoDoodle

dr who

Also interesting to know is that the Doctor Who Google Doodle trended yesterday on Google+ for being one of the most talked about topics around the world. To read more about Doctor Who on Google+ you can use the tags #DrWhoDoodle


and #


. Interestingly the #DrWhoDoodle tag is again the most talked about subject today on Google+.

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How to play the Doctor Who Google Doodle Game?

If you are struggling with the Doctor Who game, check out this short video of how I played the game, this will give you an idea of what you will need to do to finish the Doctor Who game. Also let us know what were your best times playing the game. I got 7 minutes and 6 seconds in the video below, but already there are people claiming to have completed the Doctor Who game in under 3 minutes.