Do Winter Tyres Count as a Modification for Insurance Purposes?


When you buy winter tyres from an online company such as Oponeo, probably the last thing on your mind was the need to inform your insurer. After all, winter tyres will make driving in challenging cold weather conditions much safer, right? Intriguingly and perhaps a little confusingly, failing to inform your insurer that you’ve fitted tyres which are different to those which came with the vehicle could invalidate your policy, meaning you’re not covered in the event of an accident!


Tyres are Mods!

When you filled in your insurance application, there was probably a section in there asking for information about any modifications (mods) performed on your vehicle. As most people tend to think of modifications being of the performance enhancing type, such as suspension lowering or stripping out unnecessary weight, it’s easy to forget that the sensible decision to exchange your everyday tires for those specifically designed for snow and ice technically counts as a modification!


What to do

If you’ve changed your tyres from the standard specification, whether the reason was to transform your car into a track day star or stop it sliding all over the road during your chilly morning commute, you need to inform your insurer. Don’t worry about cost at this stage; it’s unlikely that an insurer will increase your premium if you’re making your car safer. They may even be able to offer advice on the tyre specifications which are recommended for lowering driving risk in inclement conditions. The important thing to remember is that if you make any alteration to your vehicle which means it has different specifications to those with which it was made, then your insurer needs to be informed. From winter tires to an acceleration boosting induction kit, tell your insurance company!