DJ Fresh, DJ Euphonik, MINI and iSchoolAfrica driving change in Thokoza township


A winning partnership gives recognition to top learners in Thokoza

Thokoza, Johannesburg – Friends of MINI South Africa, DJ Fresh and DJ Euphonik, along with MINI and iSchoolAfrica representatives recently visited schools in Thokoza, awarding the top learners at each school for embracing their creative thinking. The visit by the famous duo demonstrated MINI and iSchoolAfrica’s commitment to inspire future leaders in the Arts, Design, Communications, Media and Journalism fields.


Learners from Buhlebuzile and Sijabulile Secondary Schools in Thokoza, were on the receiving end of creative inspiration, thanks to MINI and iSchoolAfrica who have partnered to bring available education technology and practices to less fortunate schools in South Africa. Both companies find the diverse and cultural expression of education in the field of Arts to not only be dynamic but also necessary in building the next generation of innovative leaders in the country.

In the spirit of fun, while respecting the learning environment, DJ Fresh and DJ Euphonik shared personal stories with the 2 800 students that were present across both schools. The highly admired DJs spoke briefly about their history and personal career experiences in addition to challenging the students to believe in their own creative ideas, to do so with passion and to always challenge the norm.

“Don’t be afraid to experiment with your ideas, even if they sound a little crazy,” said DJ Euphonik. “If I followed the career path that was expected of me, I would be sitting behind a desk, very unhappy. I chose to be different. I chose to stand out.”

DJ Euphonik

DJ Fresh added, “Find what you love and do it so well that someone will want to pay you for it. You will never work a day in your life if you wholeheartedly love what you do.”

Honouring three top achievers from each school, MINI and iSchoolAfrica remain 100% behind these learners’ success. Students in the programme are constantly exposed to a world of design, creative thinking and reporting that allows them to use their own intellect through the use of state of the art Apple hardware and software.

By way of the winning partnership, many learners will now have the opportunity to choose creative fields to work in and will already be familiar with the necessary technology, making securing a job in the future that much easier. Brian Mduduzi Afrika, a past student of Buhlebuzile Secondary School and member of the iSchoolAfrica press team, is currently studying at the Tshwane University of Technology and upon completion of his studies will do an internship in the United Kingdom for a year because of the opportunities afforded to him by the MINI and iSchoolAfrica project.

“Creativity and design are the foundation of the MINI brand, not only in our product design, but also in our unique and exciting approach to everything we do. We are an inventive, bold and cosmopolitan brand and for this reason we are a well suited partner for iSchoolAfrica to expand the learners’ worlds beyond just the use of a computer,” said Kabelo Rabotho, General Manager of MINI South Africa.

“Students involved in visual arts and design fit perfectly into both the Apple and MINI brands.  We speak a common language when it comes to design and innovation,” added Rabotho.


Looking ahead, both MINI and iSchoolAfrica anticipate more success stories from students and schools that are part of the programme. “The future is bright for these learners and we are determined to make it a future filled with opportunity, reward and of course excitement,” Rabotho concluded.

MINI and iSchoolAfrica have partnered since January 2011 to bring the best educational practices to schools and elevate efficient learning in South Africa.  The partnership supports five schools in Gauteng; Jeppe High School for girls, The National School of the Arts, Dominican Convent, Buhlebuzile and Sijabulile Secondary Schools.