Dive Expo & Watersports Show Coca-Cola Dome


Dive Expo & Watersports Show Coca-Cola Dome

Underwater – where the REAL action happens The Dive Expo & Watersports Show is for all adventure lovers! SA’s only official scuba diving industry showcase, the Dive Expo and Watersports Show, is taking place at the Coca Cola dome from 16 – 18 August, and it’s for those who like their watersports with a shot […]

Underwater – where the REAL action happens

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The Dive Expo & Watersports Show is for all adventure lovers!

SA’s only official scuba diving industry showcase, the Dive Expo and Watersports Show, is taking place at the Coca Cola dome from 16 – 18 August, and it’s for those who like their watersports with a shot of adrenaline.

It will be staged just in time to allow Joburgers fresh from their long weekend away, to stock up on new gear and equipment for Summer.

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The prime event is for true scuba diving enthusiasts, as well as non-divers of all ages who should be tempted to take their first steps toward experiencing the ultimate underwater utopia.

The show will feature free workshops, a scuba diving museum, exhibits and show specials on equipment, training and dive packages.

If you prefer watersports like paddleboarding or kayaking, or you’re in search of the perfect idyllic water sports destination, this show is for you too.

The sport that stays addictive

Besides the fact that scuba diving keeps you fit, helps reduce stress and puts you in touch with a close community of fellow enthusiasts, it’s the only sport that takes you to the most spectacular sites on the planet.

Rhys Couzyn, Director at Scuba Equipment Africa, describes the feeling:If it’s not just cool enough to be able to breathe and move around underwater, it is an indescribable feeling of simply just leaving your body weight behind. The underwater world is full of adventure as you look for your next discovery in a territory relatively unknown and yet to be explored by many on earth… need I say any more?”

“Scuba diving becomes a way of life, and it gives family and friends a good reason to travel to amazing destinations locally and around the globe,” says Tony Birkholtz, Market Manager at Barra Resorts in Mozambique.

Dion Sarrimanolis, scuba diving instructor and GM of Cressi SA, says he remains passionate about diving because it allows divers “To explore and discover the beauty of the underwater environment while experiencing being close to a truly magnificent ecosystem.”

“It is an awesome sport – not just from what is seen and experienced, but also because it is the one sport that the whole family can participate in without competition between the members of the family,” adds Emil Cronje, MD of All About Scuba.

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Learn from the professionals

At this year’s Dive Expo & Watersports Show, you’ll be able to take advantage of the free Tourism Malaysia Scuba Diving workshops, presented in partnership with Divestyle Magazine, featuring some of SA’s leading technical divers, including Nuno Gomes, Johan Boshoff, Barry Coleman and Chris Serfontein, as well as top Malaysian divers. Learn more about specialised equipment and marine life, discover the diving experiences available in Malaysia, and hear what it was like breaking two world dive records and exploring the wreck of the Oceanos.

The workshops will be staged on Saturday and Sunday, but seats are limited. Book seats at mywatersportsshow.com

Non-divers: discover a whole new world

The Dive Expo & Watersports Show is not just for scuba diving pros. Because scuba diving is an adventure practically the whole family can enjoy, non-divers are invited to get to the show to have their first exciting experience of what this gratifying lifestyle pursuit can offer. Get your feet wet in the dive pool to see what it’s like, cash in on show specials on basic courses and equipment, and join the coolest sport movement in the country!

Book the dive trip of a lifetime

It doesn’t get more spectacular than off the islands of Malaysia, with warm, crystal clear water, extensive reefs and exotic marine life you may never have seen before. Discover what this year’s featured destination can offer you and start planning the holiday of a lifetime.

The Malaysia Tourism office in South Africa is a featured destination at the Dive Expo Workshops, offering giveaways, expert advice on the best dive and watersports resorts, and special holiday and dive packages to the country’s top resorts.

Tasneem Eltawagny of the Malaysia Tourism office in SA notes that expert Malaysian divers and a top angler will fly to South Africa for the Dive Expo and Watersports Show, where they will deliver workshops and be on hand to answer questions about the best dive, watersports and fishing spots in Malaysia.

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Improve your diving at the FREE Scuba Diving Workshops

Attend free workshops by some of SA’s leading technical divers, and Malaysian diving experts and instructors. You’ll also discover what Malaysia can offer angling enthusiasts.

  • Nuno Gomes – What went into achieving the world records for the deepest inland and deepest sea dive?
  • Johan Boshoff – Get an expert diver’s view on Coelacanths – the living fossils
  • Barry Coleman – All about rebreathers, rebreather training and the epic exploration dive of the Oceanos wreck
  • Chris Serfontein – Learn from a qualified instructor about Poseidon rebreathers
  • Syed Abd Rahman – Discover diving off the East Coast of Malaysia
  • Angling expert and retired Major Ismail Feisol – fishing Malaysia, from deep sea to inland angling
  • James Khoo, operations director for Pangkor Marina Island (PMI) – hear from a celebrated Malaysian yachting boating and fishing expert.

Seats are limited – book your place now at


See 50 years of diving history at the SCUBAPRO museum

Discover the fascinating history of diving at the ‘Diving through the Decades’ 50 years of diving product museum, hosted by Scubapro – one of the world’s most trusted marks of technically advanced diving products. Scubapro will celebrate its 50th anniversary at the Dive Expo and Watersports Show, with a range of fantastic activities. Check out Scubapro’s latest full diving systems for all levels of diving, as well as their latest Subgear and Sealife Underwater Cameras ranges.

Scubapro will also host a workshop area where guests can view the inside and workings of regulators, learn more about technical diving as well as hear from some of top conservationists making amazing progress across South Africa and the world.

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Discover what diving gear was like ‘back in the days’

Try on the original heavyweight diving suit at the Divetek stand, to get a feel for diving in the not-so-good old days of scuba diving.

Show Prices and Times

Tickets cost R 60 per person or R 40 for students and senior Citizens. Children under the age of 10 attend free of charge.

You can also purchase tickets online: itickets.com/order/new/310495

Follow the Diver Expo and Watersports Show on Facebook and Twitter @mydiveexpo

The Dive Expo & Watersports Show will be open form 11h00 – 18h00 on Friday 16 August; from 0900 – 18h00 on Saturday 17 August and from 09h00 – 17h00 on Sunday 18 August.

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Published : Tuesday August 13, 2013

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