DispoPilot.guide Software Upgrade now available for ordering

  • Improved networking and more efficient order management with FleetBoard transport management services in Europe
  • State-of-the-art navigation with specific truck attributes for 46 countries and live traffic information in 29 countries
  • Mobile and rugged portable professional tablet with photo function

Daimler FleetBoard, Europe’s leading telematics provider for trucks, vans and buses, offers its customers even more efficient order management and improved networking with the new DispoPilot.guide. With the new, mobile tablet, FleetBoard has collaborated with TomTom, a leading expert in navigation and maps, to provide a state-of-the-art and powerful work tool for order management with the FleetBoard services Messaging or Logistics. The rugged device, which has a 7-inch (17.8 cm) display, supports drivers in the optimum handling of all processes concerned with transport and orders.

Equipped with the latest TomTom navigation software and route guidance specially tailored to trucks, the new DispoPilot.guide advises on the best route to the destination. This applies to the whole of Europe, because maps and regular updates are available for 46 countries at no additional cost. Using the FleetBoard services Messaging or Logistics, the central dispatch office can send the driver addresses which can be transferred to the navigation system with just a few clicks on the tablet. In 29 European countries, the driver is kept informed about the current traffic situation via dynamic live traffic information. Significant delays can be promptly reported to the dispatch office. Simultaneously with more than one finger or a pen, the driver can conveniently send and receive text messages using the high-resolution multi-touch screen on the tablet. Simple communication by means of the FleetBoard services on the device significantly reduces the need for error-prone telephone calls, with the result that detours and wasted journeys can be minimised.

Weighing just 480 grams, the DispoPilot.guide is easy to take out of the cradle in the vehicle. The device has its own SIM card, which means that the FleetBoard Logistics service is also available with the ignition off as well as when the driver is outside the vehicle. The driver thus has a constant overview of all order details. Each processing step, any change or damage to the goods can be recorded immediately and sent directly to the central dispatch office.

The tablet is made more rugged by rubber-reinforced corners. In addition, the device is operable in a temperature range from -20°C to +60°C. The DispoPilot.guide can run for up to three hours on the rechargeable battery. During this time, the 5-megapixel camera with flash also enables the driver to take photos, such as after an accident for the purpose of a damage report.

The new DispoPilot.guide is now available for ordering and will probably be delivered in Europe from production month 01.11.2015. It can be factory-installed in Mercedes-Benz trucks. All other vehicles as well as Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses can easily be retrofitted. Operation of the DispoPilot.guide requires the appropriate pre-installation for the vehicle as well as the FleetBoard TiiRec on-board computer. To be able to access the tablet’s full scope of features, the services FleetBoard Messaging or FleetBoard Logistics must be available. The navigation system can also be used without FleetBoard services.