Dispatch #7: Monsoons, puking passengers and rugged peaks


Reaching iconic places steeped in history is key to the success of this Land Rover supported All Afrika odyssey. But the Southwest monsoon is hammering us bringing flooding to areas that seldom see rain.

After a hairy Atlantic boat ride with puking passengers we make it to the outer Island of Santo Antao, where the rugged peaks and canyons provide one of the worlds great landscape dramas. We’ll keep you posted.

Dispatch #8: Good news – our Land Rover has arrived!

Greetings from Mindelo on the Island of Sao Vicente, discovered in 1462 by the Portuguese. The British established a coaling station here for trans-Atlantic steam ships and much of the architecture reminds one of early Cape Town.

There was even a Royal Mail and Telegraph Service and a cricket team. But the real reason for lingering here is music, haunting Creole melodies that are the sole of Cape Verde and the link to the African main land. Today we get the good news that the expedition Land Rover has arrived in Ghana will keep you posted.

Dispatch #9: Saying goodbye to Cape Verde

The humidity is as thick as golden syrup as we prepare to climb on board the small turbo aircraft that will carry us back across the Atlantic to the West African Mainland. The rich history, beautiful people and the sweet melodies and melancholy harmonies of Cabo Verde will remain in our hearts forever as a special peace of Mama Africa.