Dietrich Mateschitz – The Red Bull throws his toys


    Dietrich Mateschitz, the billionaire owner of Red Bull, has warned that he would withdraw his squad from Formula One if they found themselves at the centre of controversial decisions; referring to the recent disqualification of Daniel Ricciardo from the Australian Grand Prix.


    And I can’t help but feel this has a distinct whiff of immaturity about it. I mean here’s a squad that has risen quickly to fame, winning four driver’s titles on the trot with blue-eyed-boy Seb Vettel, along the way wrapping up the respective constructor’s titles as well. Now at the first sign of trouble; being a combination of his team’s inability to properly integrate Renault’s power unit with their chassis; Renault’s inability to provide a reliable power unit; and Red Bull’s decision to ignore the FIA’s instruction to stick with their approved fuel flow regulator; spoiled Mr Mateschitz runs to the press with threats of leaving the sport.

    “The fact is that the federation’s [FIA] sensor has given inaccurate values since the beginning of the [pre-season] tests,” he told the Kurier. “We can prove that we were within the limits.

    “The question is not so much about whether it [F1] makes economic sense, but more to do with the sporting value, political influence and the like,” he said.

    “We have had it all but on these things from our perspective there is a clear limit to what we can accept.”

    I have an idea Dietrich. Put on your big girl panties and get on with the job at hand. What’s more, perhaps work on getting your cars to the end of the race without cheating the fuel regulations. Whether you can prove your fuel flow was within limits or not; the fact is your team disobeyed the governing body and should accept the consequences.

    As if this wasn’t enough, he also gave his view on F1’s hottest topic at the moment – the sound of the new V6 turbo charged power units.

    “F1 should be again what it always has been: the ultimate discipline. It is not there to set new records in fuel consumption, or so you can talk at a whisper during a race and the greatest thrill is the squealing of the tyres.

    “I consider it equally absurd that we are going a second slower than last year and that the junior series GP2 is almost as fast with a fraction of the budget.”

    This nonsense of complaining that last year was better just goes to emphasis the fact that you’re a sore loser. Of course everyone wants to win races; but now that you aren’t, how about we show a bit of sportsmanship and leave things to be sorted out on track.