Día del niño México Google Doodle


Today 30 April 2013 is “Día del niño México” day in Mexico, If you are not sure what “Día del niño México” means it is Children’s Day in Mexico. Google today announced Children’s Day 2013 in Mexico with the “Día del niño México” Google Doodle. In the Google Doodle there are two children a boy and a girl playing with a soccer ball. The words Google is also written slightly different than usual with what looks like a “Kids” type of font.

Día del nino Mexico

Día del niño México is usually celebrated in April. In 1954, the General Assembly of the United Nations recommended that all countries institute one Universal Children’s Day and suggested that state governments to celebrate this day.

In Mexico, Children’s Day is celebrated on April 30. It is also known as “El Día Del Niño”. On this day teachers in schools organize the day for their children. Lessons are suspended for the day. They organize games, music, and the children bring in their favorite foods to share with others. Some families also have a day out with their children.

There are special activities for the children in parks and sports centers. Sometimes, also, the children will be given presents by their families. This is the day when children are honored in Mexico.

On Children’s Day Schools and the Mexican Government focuses on Children Rights and the importance of education.