Dia da Árvore – 21 September 2013


Today marks the scientifically first day of spring in the Southern Hemisphere. I searched the different Google Search Engine to see which search engine doodles are going to announce the first day of spring, and could not find any that marks the first day of spring. The closest that I got with some reference to the first day of spring in the Southern Hemisphere were on Google Brazil where they announced “Dia da Árvore”

dia da arvore

Dia da Árvore or directly translated into English “World Tree Day” is celebrated today in Brazil. The day also known as Arbor Day – The day that marks a new cycle for the environment and the time to strengthen calls for awareness of all in favor of the environment.

The Brazilian People have strong ties to Indian culture that gave birth to their country, one of them is love and respect for trees as major representatives of the immense natural wealth that Brazil has.

If you are celebrating “Dia da Árvore”, “Spring Day” or “The first day of Spring” in the Southern Hemisphere we wish that you have a warm and fun day!

Google Doodle: Dia da Árvore

Dia da arvore

The “Dia da Árvore” Google Doodle illustrating the first day of spring.