DesignworksUSA brings a premium experience to airline passengers


Munich / Los Angeles / Singapore. BMW Group   DesignworksUSA and Singapore Airlines are soaring to new heights. The task for BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA was to deliver more   luxury to Singapore Airline`s First Class passengers – far from   uncharted territory for the globally operating design consultancy.


With its interior designs for Boeing Business Jets, Embraer and   Dassault Aviation, DesignworksUSA has injected fresh impulses into the   sector over recent years. On behalf of the high-profile Asian carrier   and its discerning clientele, the designers have now endowed the First   Class cabin with a new look along with an extra helping of comfort,   space and privacy. The updated design for the seats and suites will   make its debut this September on board the new Boeing 777-300ER on   selected flights between Singapore and London.

Luxury atmosphere in the stratosphere.

One of the top echelons of the design sector came up with a keen   challenge for DesignworksUSA: to reconcile the aviation brief and its   stringent safety standards with the luxury requirements of passengers.   Tapping into the creativity of the BMW Group subsidiary, Singapore   Airlines aimed to further enhance its First Class facilities and set   new benchmarks for luxury-class comfort in the skies. The entire   ambience has been redesigned to offer passengers not only raised   luxury levels but also greater privacy and increased stowage space for   luggage and travel accoutrements. “In First Class the topics are   luxury, infotainment and the service quality that is expressed by   design. Efficiency and functionality have priority”, says Laurenz   Schaffer, President of DesignworksUSA. “Our studios in Los Angeles,   Shanghai and Munich worked very closely together on these   projects. Our global locations and our long standing presence in Asia   helped us to meet the demands of Singapore Airlines, as well as the   expectations of international flight passengers”, Schaffer continues.   DesignworksUSA draws on its expertise from many years of working with   premium customers in various mobility sectors, among them BMW and   Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Intermarine and Zeydon Yachts.

The essence of luxury.

From the moment they board the aircraft, First Class passengers are   pampered in their lounge-like islands. In order to shield these havens   of peace visually and acoustically, the outer walls of the seating   area have been extended and embrace the passenger like a protective   arm. For sleeping, the luxury seat turns into a large bed comfortable   enough for reclining on one’s side. At 35 inches in width and with an   increased bed length from 80 to 82 inches, the seat is one of the most   spacious First Class products in the sky.

Both the design language and the colour and material concept signal   maximum levels of comfort, taking their cue from automotive interior   design when it comes to passenger comfort, spatial configuration and   functionality. The design team has imbued these onboard spaces with an   aura of tranquillity. Large surfaces and elegantly sweeping lines   coupled with warm, modern shades of brown within the seating islands   all evoke the ambience of a living room. Cooler grey and metallic   tones on the outside, meanwhile, clearly demarcate the private zone   from its surroundings – a colour concept that continues into the   carpeting to accentuate the impression of a personal cocoon.

Only high-grade materials are permitted to fly First Class. The seat   is lined with fine leather, while a new covering technique for the   upholstery increases tension in the material, which remains smooth and   – even after hours of use – appears pristine. Atmospheric lighting has   been discreetly assimilated into the design. Extensive tests were   carried out to determine the optimal light colour and intensity. A   range of personal storage cubbies in the front entertainment area add   surprising touches with their striking interior colours. Elegant   tables are integrated into the front of the seating area; they can be   extended simply and quietly without the need for any folding mechanism.