Designed around You Care by Volvo


Volvo offers a contemporary luxury experience that is created around people, with strength in every sense. We are the most human-centric car brand in the motor industry. That is why Volvo Car South Africa introduced Care by Volvo – the complete Volvo care package of products and services designed to keep your Volvo a Volvo.

Volvo Design

The Volvo Car South Africa (VCSA) Care by Volvo product and service package offers Volvo clients a most desireable and premium automotive ownership experience.

Recognition as a premium brand, and brand loyalty, is won or lost at the service desk. Which is precisely why Volvo developed this comprehensive product and service package,  to ensure that Volvo owners receive the level of service expected of a premium brand. Through Care by Volvo, Volvo aims to create a strong and more personal relationship with its owners.

Care by Volvo is not merely a service package – it is defined as a Volvo owners’ experience and it concerns every touch-point from the actual buying experience and scheduled services to having a bumper repaired. Care by Volvo is as much a philosophy and mindset for excellent dealer service delivery, as it is a comprehensive peace-of-mind care package for all Volvo owners. Care by Volvo, therefore, is entirely Designed around You.

Care by Volvo covers:

  • Volvo Genuine Parts and Accessories (Volvo Blue Box)
  • Volvo Genuine Service
  • Volvo Plan – Maintenance and Warranty (5 years / 100 000km)
  • Volvo Plan – Extended Maintenance (2 years / 40 000 or 60 000km)
  • Volvo Roadside Assistance (AA Executive package)
  • Volvo Approved Panel Shops

Care by Volvo – Volvo Genuine Parts and Accessories

Quality and Safety are two of Volvo’s core values, and as such Volvo believes a no-compromise attitude toward fitting original Volvo parts to all Volvo vehicles is vital to maintain the quality of all Volvos on the road. No matter what the vehicle’s age.

Volvo Genuine Parts is nicknamed Volvo Blue Box – because all Volvo genuine parts come in a blue box with Volvo branding.

To encourage owners of older models to keep their Volvo a Volvo, VCSA is currently offering all Volvo owners – under the Care by Volvo banner – up to 20% off all parts used in all out-of-warranty repairs at Volvo workshops around the country. This gives owners of older Volvo models the peace of mind that their vehicle is repaired using genuine Volvo parts, which of course is the best way to ensure the vehicle stays in good condition.

As part of the recent Volvo Possible campaign, prominent South African designers Nkensani Nkosi, David Tlale and Gert-Johan Coetzee were each given a Volvo to drive (XC60, S60 and C30 respectively) and challenged to design accessories inspired by their Volvos.

The results were unique, stylish and daring with accessories ranging from a car-wash kit by Gert-Johan, a trench coat by David and some flashy jewellery by Nkensani.
Volvo Car South Africa is currently evaluating the variety of beautiful accessories designed by David, Nkensani and Gert-Johan and will make a selection available to be sold at dealerships.

Care by Volvo – Volvo Genuine Service

Through Care by Volvo standards, VCSA ensures expert technicians and ongoing technical training so that all repairs and services are completed with the utmost skill and care.

Care by Volvo divides service into the following three categories:

1. Ad hoc Repairs
2. Routine scheduled services for all “in-warranty” and “in Volvo Plan” Volvos.
3. Routine scheduled services for all “out-of-warranty” and “out-of-Volvo Plan” Volvos.

Care by Volvo encompasses all above repairs & services done by Volvo workshops.

Under the Care by Volvo banner we currently offer a R500 service voucher on any “out of Volvo Plan” service. The first out-of-warranty service is often a concern to owners who have never had to pay for a vehicle service, and Volvo doesn’t want its customers to then opt for inferior parts and labour. Volvo understands this concern and through Care by Volvo encourages all “out-of-warranty” Volvo owners to continue repairing and servicing their Volvo at a Volvo dealership even when their maintenance plan has expired.

Care by Volvo – Maintenance and Warranty (5 years / 100 000km)

Volvo offers a five-year / 100 000km warranty and maintenance plan (the Volvo Plan) within the purchase price of all its vehicles. The comprehensive Volvo Plan covers all routine services and any unscheduled maintenance or repairs caused by a component failure resulting from a manufacturing or material defect. Our service intervals are every 20 000km or one year from date of sale / last service, with an interim oil change for all diesel vehicles.

Care by Volvo – Extended Maintenance plan (2 years / 40 000km or 60 000km)

Volvo also offers the option for you to extend your Maintenance plan with a further 2 years / 40 000km or 60 000km.  The comprehensive Maintenance Plan covers all routine services and any unscheduled maintenance or repairs caused by a component failure resulting from a manufacturing or material defect. Included in this is also a 2 year extension of the roadside assistance.  The same service intervals apply.

Care by Volvo – Executive Roadside Assistance

With every Volvo purchased you get a 5-yr AA Executive Road Assistance package, at no additional cost, with an additional 2 year extension for customers who purchase our Extended Maintenance Plan.

Over and above standard roadside assistance the Executive package offers

  • Roadside security
  • Key lock out
  • Fuel to get to a filling station
  • Flat tyre assist
  • Battery assist
  • Towing service
  • Message relay service
  • Motor related legal service
  • AA travel accommodation booking service
  • Road info service and maps
  • At home assistance for medial emergencies (or on an accident scene)

By including the AA Executive package with all new Volvo purchases, the Care by Volvo philosophy reaches out to owners when they need it most.

Care by Volvo – Approved Panel Shops

Care by Volvo offers the Volvo owner Volvo accredited panel and paint shops to ensure all Volvos are repaired to original standards, The panel shops commit to deliver excellent service, doing top-notch work and making the customer feel truly cared for in the Volvo way.

Volvo will continue to look for added value services to include in the Care by Volvo package.

For customers who prefer planning ahead, and want to enjoy peace of mind, hassle-free motoring, Care by Volvo offers another reason to buy a Volvo.  With Care by Volvo, all Volvo owners can be assured that every touch-point they experience as a Volvo owner – from the dealership where they service their vehicle, to a flat tyre in the middle of the night – they and their cars will be treated with equal care and importance. Designed with you in mind.
9:50 PM 10/7/2011