Delticom AG. Hanover/London. 24th October 2012

The safety benefits of fitting winter or cold weather tyres are still not fully appreciated by many fleet operators in the UK. The relatively mild winter in the UK last year may well lull fleet managers into postponing a decision to fit winter tyres to their van or car fleets. Fitting winter or cold weather tyres can make a lot of difference to driving particularly when temperatures drop below 7°C. The cost to business of inclement weather is reported to be in the hundreds of millions of pounds with employees unable to drive to work, or missing business appointments plus vans not being able to make important deliveries.

Delticom, Europe’s leading online tyre retailer, operating in the UK fleet market as, are also European specialists in the supply and fitment of winter tyres. The company draws on its considerable experience of winter tyre sales amongst others throughout Germany and elsewhere in Europe where these tyres are compulsory and necessary over the winter period.

Fitting winter tyres to a car or van fleet will not only help to ensure safer driving in wintery conditions, but should circumstances require emergency braking, a car fitted with winter tyres will stop in less distance. In an independent test* a car fitted with winter tyres travelling at 60 mph on a wet road at a temperature of 5°C stopped five metres shorter, the equivalent of more than a car length, than one fitted with summer tyres. This is particularly crucial in winter conditions which place more emphasis on the performance of tyres.

Fitting winter tyres can also significantly reduce the risk of accident damage as a result of skidding on a frosty road surface. These tyres operate more effectively at temperatures below 7°C. And not just in high speed incidents, but also in the far more common and potentially expensive, low speed scrapes and dents that can occur if a vehicle looses traction in wintery conditions. has a wide and varied range of affordable quality winter and cold weather tyres available to suit almost all cars, vans or other commercial vehicles. The tyres can be ordered at any time and delivered to home, place of work or to anyone of the company’s more than 2,000 fitting partners throughout the UK. The company also offers a convenient fully fitted tyre/wheel service which will appeal to many business users.

*test undertaken by the British Tyre Manufacturers Association