Death of the Canadian Penny


Today the Royal Canada Mint and Google Canada announced the end of an era for the Canadian Penny which were in circulation for more than 137 years and will be stopped being minted from today. If you have Canadian Pennies you should start cashing it in, since these pennies will be not worth much soon.

Canadian penny

The Canadian Penny have cost more to produce and mint than what it is worth, and it is estimated that the Canadian Penny have cost Canada tax payers more than 11 million per year to keep the mint in production.

Google celebrated the Death of the Canadian Penny with a special Google Doodle on the Canada homepage. The Google letters were written in what looked like bronze. The Canadian Penny was mostly made off Copper which makes the Google Doodle spot on in its representation of the “Death of the Canadian Penny”.

Google have also created the Canadian Penny Google Doodle into an animation with the mint in the “O” position of the Google letters, the Canadian Penny also rotated on its axes allowing visitors to see the mint from all its sides.

Google Doodle

Canadian Penny

The Canadian Penny was worth one cent in the dollar, and was produced since 1858 to 2012 on the front of the coin was an image of Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada and were designed by Susanna Blunt on the back of the Canadian Penny was a Maple leaf branch originally designed by  GE Kruger Gray