Datsun GO revealed in South Africa



  • New Datsun GO heralds the Datsun brand return into the South African market
  • Datsun GO will offer first time new car buyers accessible motoring

Datsun Go


ROSSLYN, South Africa (10 June 2014) — As the name suggests, the Datsun GO will bring to the local market a vehicle that is designed for ‘people on the GO’- people who are active, have defined priorities and pursue the optimum choice for their stage of life.

Starting with a clean sheet of paper, Datsun designers have been able to create a totally new and distinctive design for the Datsun brand models of the 21st century. The Datsun GO is designed to be stylish and modern, but at the same time purposeful and robust. The ‘face’ of the car is dominated by Datsun’s distinctive and modern “D-cut grille”. The overall result is a smooth and sophisticated silhouette in which the strong haunches and character lines suggest dynamic movement and clear agility coupled with an inner strength and overt robustness.

Datsun Go 2014

Vincent Cobee, Global head of Datsun, says: “In creating Datsun GO we have designed a brand new car that offers all the benefits of models that are much more expensive. Our car features class leading levels of performance, economy and handling. It is built to requirements and not down to a price… the addition of the many advanced features proves this.”

In keeping with the Datsun design ethos, the interior of the Datsun GO is modern, simple, functional, yet undeniably good looking. Uniquely in the class, the gear lever and parking brake handle are mounted in the centre console. A benefit of housing the gear lever and parking brake in the centre console is the opportunity to adopt ‘connected’ front seats which are unique in the segment. Extra comfort is also provided by the ergonomically designed front seats, which provide added spinal support. Interior space is class-leading and with all the other standard features, making the Datsun GO one of the best value cars on the market today” advises Des Fenner, General Manager, Datsun.


Datsun GO offers much to customers – from modern exterior styling, fuel consumption of just 20kms per liter,a unique Mobile Docking Station (MDS) that allows an owner to sync his or her Smartphone directly with the car.The MDS simply slots the smartphone into a holder in the centre of the dashboard which can be paired by an AUX cable to the car’s system and the car’s integrated door mounted loudspeakers.

“Research has indicated that the Datsun GO purchasers, place a premium on having a car that reflects their individual personalities. As such a full range of optional accessories will be available to personalize the Datsun GO to owner’s requirements” added Fenner.

Datsun GO is planned to go on sale in the last quarter of CY2014and the aim is to bring in the car in at under R 100,000 making it a real value proposition for the first time new car buyer. Sales and service will be initially established through a network of 30 Datsun branded dealerships throughout South Africa, a number to be doubled in mid-term.


Tale of the tape  

Selected High line features of the DatsunGO – a new modern choice for up-and-coming aspirational owners – include:

  • Modern styled 5-door FWD hatchback
  • 1.2 litre engine
  • Fuel efficiency of over 20km/L
  • Expanded front seat configuration
  • Spacious interior for five occupants
  • Unique Mobile docking station