Daring student design epitomises Chevrolet Racing


Horses have for centuries been a symbol of power and speed. In fact the American measurement for engine power is based on a standard referred to as horsepower. This can be viewed as a tribute to the magnificence of the animal. It is from this premise that young student, Adi Sumic from the Slovenian school Visoka Sola Za Disajn began his design of the graphics for Chevrolet’s racing car which competed in the once-off WTTC (World Touring Car Championship) in the Czech Republic last weekend.

Adi’s design and more importantly the thinking behind it made it the obvious winner for the “Young? Creative? Chevrolet!” competition. Judges were impressed by the design’s out of-the-box approach and the fact that it so clearly embodied the spirit of Chevrolet.

Chevrolet’s performance cars can be considered thoroughbreds in every sense of the word. The Corvette, Lumina SS and the Lancetti (Optra in SA) on which the competition was based all have amazing power, speed, and agility. Adi, realising this, used the muscled image of a thoroughbred to cover the Lancetti’s exterior and exquisitely so. The judging panel, consisting of the President of Touring Car Commission FIA, a BBC and ITV presenter and a Visual Art expert together with two other judges were immediately captivated by the boldness of Adi’s work.