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The Dakar Rally is currently taking place in Peru, South America and will soon move to Argentina and Chile. The Dakar Rally formerly known as the Paris Dakar Rally was moved to South Africa in 2009 after unrest in the original Paris Dakar Route. Here at 3D Car Shows we religiously follow the Dakar Rally and the Dakar Rally drivers taking part in the event.

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On the 3D Car Shows site on our DAKAR RALLY pages you can read several daily articles about the Rally Drivers and how they are performing at the Rally, who is still in the race and who have needed to retire from the race.

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In an effort to bring you more quality information about the Dakar Rally in South America, we have decided to create a

Dakar Rally YouTube Video

playlist that only features videos from the Dakar Rally. In the Dakar Rally YouTube video channel you will find videos from the drivers, mechanics and navigators talking about their Dakar Rally Race and Highlights and Heart Break’s.

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