Dakar 2013


Dakar 2013 – South African Giniel De Villiers can still win the Dakar 2013 Rally

Dakar 2013

Anything can still happen in the Dakar 2013 Rally. Yesterday I was listening to the radio and one of the listeners phoned into the Radio station saying that there was a report about the Dakar 2013 Rally that said Giniel De Villiers can win the Dakar 2013 by doing what he’s been doing throughout the rally. She said that it doesn’t make sense because Giniel De Villiers have been on position 3 overall for quite some time.

Giniel De Villiers have now moved up to position 2 one spot closer to the ultimate Dakar 2013 winner spot. How did he do it, he has kept on doing what he’s been doing. Driving safely and avoiding mistakes. If Giniel De Villiers can keep his Toyota Hilux pick-up roadworthy and avoiding any delays he is guaranteed a podium place for the moment in the Dakar 2013.

Giniel De Villiers

At this stage Stéphane Peterhansel the leader of the Dakar 2013 Rally in his Mini should start feeling the pleasure of the Dakar 2013 Rally and knows that any mechanical or navigational error could cost him the winning spot at the Dakar 2013 Rally the same of course applies to Giniel De Villiers. The Dakar 2013 may only have 3 days left but it is far from over. In this last part of the race the heat is going to be on Stéphane Peterhansel and he will have to stay focus on the rally and if he make any errors it will cost him the 1st place in the Dakar 2013 Rally.

Giniel De Villiers might only need to do what he has been doing these last few days, and still get to win the winners spot at the Dakar 2013.

Dakar 2013 Sarel van Biljon

Sarel van biljon

Unfortunately for South Africans supporting the Dakar 2013 Rally Sarel van Biljon had an accident on one of the stages at the dakar, and he have dropped out from the top 5 positions for the Quad Bikes to position 21, at stage 8 Sarel van Biljon had a overall position of 3 at the Dakar 2013 Rally, just showing how brutal the race can be, and how quickly things can chance for a driver.

Dakar 2013 – Riaan van Niekerk

Riaan van Niekerk

On the bikes South Africa have Riaan van Niekerk and Darryl Curtis both riding for the Broadlink KTM team. Riaan van Niekerk who is riding the Dakar 2013 Rally for the first time, is having a dream Dakar 2013 Rally . He is currently in position 14 at the 2013 Dakar Rally and are making a name for himself in the race. With a bit of luck Riaan van Niekerk can end in the Top 10 positions of the Dakar 2013 Rally.

Dakar 2013 – Darryl Curtis

Darryl Curtis

Darryl Curtis are well known in South Africa off-road biking circles and he has been South Africa’s favorite to make a big impression on the Dakar 2013 Rally, unfortunately for Darryl Curtis he had a crash and are currently in a lot of pain, but still in the Dakar 2013 Rally proving that he is as tough as nails. On stage 2 Darryl Curtis was on position 7 overall but have since moved to position 29 in the overall bike ranking for the Dakar 2013.

Hopefully the South African’s can do what they have done throughout the race, hold onto their current positions, and doing everything in their power to avoid damage to their cars and bikes, hold on and stay focused on the rally and apply pressure onto the drivers in front of them!

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