Dakar 2013 South America Update


The Paris to Dakar or Dakar 2013 Rally is the toughest endurance Rally in the world, after reading the news about the Dakar 2013 I have just once again realized exactly how tough the Rally is, it is the ultimate test for man and machine, and sometimes I think that the guys that do get to finish the Dakar Rally have super human capabilities.

Giniel De Villiers

“Giniel De Villiers at the Dakar 2013 Rally in South America. Giniel De Villiers drives for Toyota Imperial South Africa”

The Dakar 2013 rally have already delivered some serious injuries to some Dakar 2013 drivers, and there have also been people killed in the Dakar 2013 Rally although the organizers of the rally have done their best to make the routes as safe as possible.

Here at 3D Car Shows we have followed the Toyota Dakar Rally Team very closely and although lucky Duncan Vos and Rob Howie escaped the Dakar Rally without injury when they rolled their Toyota Hilux pick-up early in the Rally and were forced to retire from the Dakar 2013 Rally.

Lucio Alvarez

“Toyota Mechanics look at the damages on the Toyota Hilux Dakar 2013 Pick-up”

Today we have received video footage of the Toyota South American Hilux team, where co-driver were almost killed by a tree branch that broke the Toyota Hilux window, and almost punctured him, it only missed him by a few centimeters.

Toyota Lucio Alvarez

“The Damage on the Toyota Hilux Dakar 2013 Pick-up – The Lucio Alvarez and co-driver Ronnie Graue almost got badly injured when a tree got stuck in their Toyota Hilux and broke the window, missing them by centimeters”

Toyota Hilux Dakar 2013 Pick-up Video Damage

Ronnie Graue talks about his Dakar 2013 Rally and how he just escaped being killed by a tree branch that got stuck into their Toyota Hilux Bakkie


Behind the Scenes at the Dakar 2013 Rally

Toyota Hilux Tyre

“Michelin Tyres on the Toyota Hilux Dakar 2013 Pick-ups”

Today we have also received some video’s of what goes on behind the scenes at the Dakar 2013 Rally.  Charles Rossouw talks to us about the role that the support trucks play in the Dakar Rally. The Support trucks are mostly driving the same routes as the Dakar 2013 Drivers, and although they are not driving as fast as the Dakar 2013 Rally drivers, they also need to be as tough as nails to keep up with the drivers.

Dakar Trucks

One of the Support Trucks at the Dakar 2013 Rally and some of the members of the Toyota Support team.

If a car gets into trouble the support team is there to assist the drivers, and to help make the car mobile again should the car fail for any reason.

In the short video from the Toyota Dakar 2013 Rally support team you can get an idea of what it takes to provide support for the Toyota Hilux pick-up’s at the Dakar 2013 and also see one of the trucks stuck in the dunes…


Dakar 2013 Rally Support and Spares for the Toyota Hilux

Dakar Toyota

Image of the Toyota Dakar 2013 Rally Garage

In this short video one of the Spare controllers and mechanics talks about how the Support trucks and spares are organized, and what they do to provide the ultimate support for the Dakar 2013 drivers when needed.


Giniel De Villiers

One of the stars of the Dakar 2013 Rally is of course the driver Giniel De Villiers, tough as nails and veteran Dakar Rally driver. Giniel De Villiers have won the Dakar in 2009 and came third for Toyota in the Dakar 2012.

Giniel De Villiers

“Giniel De Villiers and Glynn Hall, it looks like Giniel De Villiers are tired after stage 9”

In this short video Giniel De Villiers talks about stage 9 of his Dakar 2013 Race, according to Giniel de Villiers the stage 9 was one of the toughest day’s at the Dakar 2013 so far, and he almost preferred to drive in the dunes. The road were rough and not predictable.

Giniel Dakar

Giniel De Villiers Toyota Dakar 2013 Rally Star

Giniel De Villiers and his team mate, Dirk von Zitzewitz are currently in position 2 at the Dakar, and from the looks of it they are in one of the ideal places to win the Dakar 2013 Rally.


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