Dakar 2013 South America – Giniel De Villiers Bounce Back


The Dakar 2013 Rally is currently taking place in Peru, Argentina and Chile in South America. Last year’s third place podium winner Giniel De Villiers is once again in the Dakar 2013 rally and one of the favorite riders to win the Dakar 2013 Rally.

Dakar Rally

Yesterday January 7, 2013 Giniel De Villiers lost his second place in the Dakar Rally and ended up finishing 7th for the day. His team mates Duncan Vos and Rob Howie rolled their Toyota Hilux pick-up and had to retire from the race. Day 3 at the Dakar 2013 Rally were not the best day for the Toyota Dakar Rally Team.

The Dakar Rally is one of the most demanding endurance races in the world, and it is both a physical and mental race, and a Day like Day 3 for the Toyota Team could easily affected Giniel De Villiers negatively and made the Rally even harder than what it is!

Yesterday, Day 4 of the Dakar Rally have proven why Giniel de Villiers is one of the Top Rally Drivers in the world, and he and Dirk von Zitzewitz have bounced back and have completed the Dakar 2013 Rally Day 4 in Third place. His current placing in the Dakar have our 3D Car Shows team very excited as from his current position in the Dakar race he could easily win the 2013 Dakar Race if he can stay focus and Dirk von Zitzewitz can Navigate without any further errors.

Today the Dakar Rally route is taking the riders over the Andes Mountains and the Navigators will play a very important role in this part of the Dakar Rally.

The Toyota Hilux Pick-up Dakar 2013 Rally Car

Giniel De Villiers

“Toyota Hilux at the Dakar 2013”

In South Africa the pick-up that Giniel De Villiers drive is considered as one of the best “Pick-up’s” ever built. Although the Toyota Hilux Pick-up is not the same as what you can buy at Toyota Dealers, it is still considered as one of the toughest pick-up’s in South Africa.

We have talked to a few people to find out what they think of the Toyota Hilux pick-up and everyone we interviewed agreed that if there is one pick-up that can win the Dakar 2013 Rally that it is the Toyota Hilux!

Toyota Hilux

“Giniel De Villiers at the Dakar 2013”

With the skills between Giniel De Villiers, the navigation skills of Dirk von Zitzewitz and the Toughness of the Toyota Hilux Pick-up it is just possible that South Africa Giniel de Villiers will win the Dakar 2013 Rally!

Who do you think will win the Dakar 2013 Rally?

You can use the comments section below, to tell us who do you think will win the Dakar 2013 Rally. You can also tell us in the comment section which driver and car is your favorite for the Dakar 2013 Rally!

Giniel De Villiers Video from Dakar 2013 Day 4


Giniel De Villiers Toyota Dakar South Africa team member talks about the Dakar Rally Day 4. Giniel De Villiers have bounced back in the Dakar Rally and is one of my favorites to win the Dakar 2013 Rally!