Dakar 2013 Rally Video Day Two


The Dakar Rally is currently taking place in Peru, South America. During the DAKAR 2013 Rally the race will take the drivers over 3 countries in South America. The Drivers started in Peru on January 5, 2013 and the journey will take them to Argentina and Chile. South Africa have several Teams taking part in the Dakar 2013 Rally Giniel De Villiers and Dirk von Zitzewitz are among the favorites to win the Dakar 2013. Giniel De Villiers is a former Dakar Rally winner and in the Dakar 2012 Rally he and Dirk von Zitzewitz ended in a 3rd place.

Dakar Rally

Rob Howie and Duncan Vos are another Dakar 2013 Rally Team from South Africa driving a Toyota Hilux the same as Giniel and Dirk.

Darryl Curtis


Riaan van Niekerk

are also taking part in the Dakar 2013 Rally with their KTM Motorcycles and are also both favorites to win the Dakar 2013 Motorcycle part of the Rally.

We have received two video updates from the Toyota Dakar 2013 Team, these videos form part of a series of videos providing daily highlights of the Dakar 2013 Rally.

Dakar 2013 Video – Giniel De Villiers

Video update from Dakar 2013 Rally day Two – Giniel De Villiers talks about the Dakar Rally and some of the obstacles of the race. On day two they have missed one of the way-points and had to search for it. This however did not affect there position in the Dakar 2013 Rally as they have remained in the top 3 positions on day two of the Dakar Rally 2013.


Being from South Africa we would have expect that the heat will not be a problem for the South African Toyota Hilux 2013 Dakar team, but it seems like it is very hot at the moment in Peru, South America and it is effecting the riders.

Dakar 2013 Video – Rob Howie

South African Rob Howie talks about their Dakar 2013 day two race, during their Day Two race they have gone up a sand dune too fast and the Toyota Hilux Pick-up rolled, but luckily for them landed on it’s wheels again not affecting their race too much!


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