Dakar 2013 Chile – Alessandro Botturi fourth in fifth stage of Dakar 2013


The Dakar moved into Chile’s Arica desert for the fifth stage with a  slow and cumbersome 411 km (257 miles) with 136 of special test. It  almost seemed like an enduro race. In fact, it was enduro rider  Alessandro Botturi who showed his true colours bringing the Husqvarna  Rallye Team by Speedbrain a well-earned fourth place. After Barreda’s  two stage wins and Goncalves’ second place, Botturi rode his Husqvarna  TE449RR into fourth place for the second time . In doing so he moves  up  two places in the overall standings, Now the Italian rider is in  7th place overall.

Alessandro Botturi

Husqvarna’s “special customer” Jordi Viladoms on a TE449RR by  Speedbrain, put in his usual consistent performance, coming in  sevententh today and fifth overall, moving up to lead the Husqvarna  riders. The ‘fesh-fesh’ and large rocks made life difficult for  Goncalves in the special, where he strived not to make mistakes and  finished in fourteenth place.

Likewise, Barreda had an unlucky day picking up a fifteen minute  penalty as for an engine change. The engine was substituted in the  night as a precaution when a faulty bearing was found. Barreda came in  a long way behind in today’s special stage due to problems with the  gas pump helped by water-carrier Fish.

Tomorrow sees the caravan roll on to Argentina with an extremely long  764 km stage (477 miles) with 454 km of special test.

Dakar 2013

Alessandro Botturi :”I set out to win today, but it turned out to be  more tricky than I’d imagined. I was unable to attack in the way I’d  have liked because of the lack of visibility and the fesh-fesh, but it  was a good stage for me.”

Paulo Goncalves :”I was really careful today. It was a very dangerous  stage with a very hazardous terrain. It would have been easy to fall,  so I tried not to make any mistakes and get through the stage.”

Jordi Viladoms: ”I’m really pleased with my Husqvarna. I’m really  getting on well with it. Today was a very hazardous stage and I tried  to keep a steady pace. I’m very satisfy with my fifth overall place so far.”

DAKAR 2013 Result of Stage 5:

  • 1. Casteu (FRA, Yamaha) ,
  • 2. Pain (FRA, Yamaha) 1’09”
  • 3.Pedrero (Spa , KTM)    2’58”
  • 4.Alessandro Botturi (ITA, Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain) 3’25”
  • 14. Paulo Goncalves (PRT, Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain) 6’27”
  • 17.Viladoms (Spa, Husqvarna) 7’23”
  • 119. Matt Fish (AUS, Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain) 2h30’33”
  • 120.Joan Barreda (ESP, Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain) 3h00’03”

Overall DAKAR 2013 Standings after five stages:

  • 1. Pain (FRA, Yamaha),
  • 2. Casteu (FRA, Yamaha)  1’15”
  • 3. Despres (FRA, KTM) 6’07”
  • 4.Faria (PRT, KTM) 13’34”
  • 5. Viladoms (ESP, Husqvarna) 13’36”
  • 7.Alessandro Botturi (ITA, Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain) 14’00”
  • 6.Paulo Goncalves (PRT, Husqvarna Rallye Team by  Speedbrain) 24:47,
  • 54.Joan Barreda (ESP, Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain) 3h04’32”

56.Matt Fish (AUS, Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain) 3h05”10”