Dakar 2013 – Botturi in tenth place after the first part of the marathon


The 218 km first part of the Dakar 2013’s only marathon stage, won’t be remembered by the riders as a particularly special one. The    stage presented no particular difficulties other than the dust and a    navigation-heavy first part, and saw the riders approach the race    with a calm and prudent attitude.

Husqvarna Dakar 2013

The special test, at between 3000    and 3400 metres sea level, proved to be a test in itself. Alessandro    Botturi was the best of the Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain    riders, taking tenth place, which could prove crucial ahead of tomorrow’s second marathon leg.

Joan Barreda and Paulo Goncalves, who set off from behind had to    put up with an enormous amount of dust throughout the day. Both    chose not to take risks. Barreda finished a dust-filled day with    very little overtaking, in twenty-first place, and the Portuguese    rider came in twenty-sixth. Jordi Viladoms had a bad day at the    office, when during the transfer he stopped at the Lama pass border    crossing some 4500 metres above sea level, where for reasons of    fatigue was forced to seek aid from a medical car, and was given    oxygen. Jordi managed to restart and compete in the special. Matt    Fish got back to the bivouac this morning after working on his bike    in the neutralization zone yesterday, and headed out on the second    special in the dark. Matt didn’t throw in the towel as he realises    how important it’s going to be for his team- mates to have his    support over the next few days.

Tonight the riders will camp out in Cachi, without the mechanics,    and will thus have to do any work on their TE449RRs themselves. They    set off again tomorrow at 05.50 for another long stage, which is    expected to be a complicated one.

The seventh stage of the Dakar has been marred by the death of the    young French rider, Thomas Bourgin, 25, involved in a fatal accident    during the long transfer. Husqvarna sends condolences to the family.

The second leg of the marathon from Salta to San Miguel de Tucuman    is predicted to be the toughest stage of the entire Dakar 2013. A    total of 739km (461 miles) including

492 special test, which will take the form of two separate parts.    After the special there will be a 228 km transfer to the camp where    the riders have their rest day on the 13th January.

Alessandro Botturi : “It was a fairly calm stage, even if it was very  long. I didn’t take any risks and didn’t push too much, as we were at  such a high altitude and it wouldn’t have been right to overdo things.  Starting out tenth suits me fine for tomorrow’s stage as it’s an  important one and I want to attack.”

Paulo Goncalves.: “I tried to get past the slower riders who started  ahead of me but it was really tricky.  It was just too dusty and  dangerous. I managed to overtake three riders, but then I decided it  was better not to take any chances, and so I sat in behind the group. “

Joan Barreda: “It was impossible to overtake today in the special,  because there really was so much dust. I took it easy as my hand was  causing me problems and I didn’t want to mess everything up before  tomorrow’s special. This evening I will take something for the  swelling, because I want to be in good shape for tomorrow’s important  stage. ”

Dakar 2013 Seventh Stage Result:

  • 1. Caselli (USA, Ktm))
  • 2. Lopez (Chile, Ktm) 1’23”
  • 3. Pain (F, Yamaha) 1’23”
  • 4. Verhoeven (NL, Yamaha) 1’30’
  • 5. Faria (P, Ktm) 2’30”
  • 10. Alessandro Botturi (ITA, Husqvarna Rallye Team by  Speedbrain) 4’39”
  • 21. Joan Barreda (ESP, Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain) 9’21”
  • 26.Paulo Goncalves (PRT, Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain) 10’17”
  • 44.Matt Fish (AUS, Husqvarna Rallye Team by Speedbrain) 21’11”