dakar 2012BEATEN BUT NOT DEFEATED – THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT Pewano started the 2012 Dakar rally with high intentions. The goal was to bring the Volvo XC60 RR to Lima and the podium within a top ten finish. Sadly enough we never got the opportunity to prove the car and ourselves. Me and the entire team is touched by the support so many of you have given us through this tough period. It’s truly heartwarming and we want to thank all of you!


Our car has now arrived to Lima without a chance to reach the podium this time.

PEWANO volvo dakar 2012

We have conducted a preliminary investigation of the car, being as thoroughly as we can given the circumstances. This accident is what is used to be called a “racing incident”. We discovered that a hose end to one of the power steering hoses at the steering rack was damaged and probably caused a major leakage of the power steering and hydro jack fluid. We have reached this conclusion based on the inspection of the car, the driver’s experience, location of the car in the dunes, the wind and fire direction.

dakar 2012 volvo

When the 2012 Dakar rally ends in Lima, Peru, on 15th January we will hand over all our vehicles to the ASO (organizer of the Dakar rally) and their safe hands for the return shipping to Europe. By the middle of February we will collect them again in Le Havre, France, for transportation back home to Sweden.

Again, thank you for the support that we have received worldwide. The months of dedication and commitment by many people, it’s not for nothing.

PEWANO volvo 2012

Looking back as we look forward. Hans Sönksen

Team Manager

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