In just 18 months, Dacia, the darling of the European car market, has blazed quite a trail in the UK. And now, not long since cruising past 10,000 sales, it’s already popping a few more corks, of high quality, but affordable, bubbles, after handing over its 25,000th model.


With supermarket price wars still very much headline news, it’s fitting that in the car market at least, one challenger brand is doing exactly the same, taking on the establishment, and winning.

The “shockingly affordable” brand proudly makes an enemy of the unnecessary, offering high-quality, spacious and well-built cars at affordable prices. Clearly, after racking up an awe-inspiring 15,000 extra sales in just eight months, it’s a winning combination.

With its sales still soaring, it’s setting a pace which quite frankly, others are struggling to match. In fact, even though it’s already celebrating its latest milestone, Dacia is already sitting pretty on an order bank of a further 3,500, and is now hunting down established players like Mazda, MINI and Volvo in the sales charts.

The 25,000th customer, Alison Beirne, a customer service executive, has just taken delivery of her new pride and joy at Bristol Street Motors in Derby. Handing over the keys was Sales Manager, Andrew Peacock. To Mrs Beirne’s delight, he also had the pleasure of surprising her with a bouquet of flowers, as well as a gift of one year’s local gym membership, so that she can enjoy some well-deserved R&R, on top of her Dacia adventures, in her imminent retirement.

Mrs Beirne splashed out a grand total of £9,995 on her gleaming new Sandero Stepway Laureate TCe 90, in white, but “having done the maths” for herself, she saved herself thousands of pounds compared to rival cars.

Commenting on her decision to plump for Dacia’s fast-selling Sandero Stepway, she said, “I had a 12 year-old car which was reaching the end of its life and a friend of mine casually said why didn’t I just pop into Bristol Street to check out the Dacia range. As soon as I saw the Sandero Stepway in the showroom, I knew it’d be just perfect for me. It looks good, the higher seating position is great and its got some good features, including the touchscreen sat nav. I know Dacias have great reliability, so it won’t let me down either. The hassle-free buying process was the icing on the cake.”


Dacia, Europe’s fastest-growing car brand, is also the most successful UK retail car launch in history. Its “pay for what you value” ethos, offering British buyers exactly what they need, nothing more, nothing less, is clearly striking a chord.

Renault’s value offshoot is famed for its shockingly affordable, high-quality cars, which favour function over frivolity, but not at the expense of style. Its four-model range of Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Logan MCV and Duster kicks off at just £5,995, topping out at £15,495.