A range of fleet operating companies including the Environment Agency and Cemex spoke out at the 9th annual Best of the Best Fleet Safety Forum Conference yesterday, in support of fleets doing all they can to protect vulnerable road users such as cyclists.

    Simple best practice measures such as fitting blind spot mirrors and safety cameras to large vehicles were advocated as a cost effective measure. Brake is appealing to all HGV operators to minimise the danger they pose by fitting the latest blind spot devices to their vehicles, as part of its Cycle for life campaign.

    The Conference, sponsored by Aviva, took place at Cranmore Park, Birmingham yesterday, and was attended by 150 delegates from across the fleet industry.

    Other companies represented on the agenda included: Iron Mountain; Tesco Dotcom; Cummins Inc; Peak Performance; and Cardinus. Dr. Shaun Helman of TRL and Dr. Will Murray of Interactive Driving Systems presented a provocative session asking operators to consider how well the accepted methods for improving work related road safety are really being evaluated. Fleets were encouraged to submit entries to the Fleet Safety Forum Awards, as one way of forcing themselves to evaluate their own fleet safety measures, and ensure they have a good understanding of what’s working and what’s not.

    Fleets can enter the Awards online at by 16th March 2012.

    Brake also announced the launch of its new online shop at where fleet and road safety resources can be ordered for free or at low cost.

    To subscribe to the Fleet Safety Forum and get access to the minutes from yesterday’s conference, as well as discounted delegate rates at future Brake events, sign up on line at Annual subscription costs just £155 +VAT and gets subscribers access to a wide range of guidance, research, driver resources and free training in Brake’s Pledge campaign to stop dangerous and unnecessary driving.

    Roz Cumming, Development Manager at Brake, said: “We’re pleased with the great turn out at the conference again this year, and encouraged by the success stories out there that fleets are sharing with us and with each other. Brake applauds the important steps being taken by fleets to protect vulnerable road users, and we’d urge others to follow that lead. I’d encourage those who don’t already to subscribe to the Fleet Safety Forum to get access to the minutes from this event, whether they were able to attend or not.”

    Marc Wanless, Senior Motor Underwriting Manager at Aviva, said: “Aviva was proud to support Brake’s Fleet Safety Forum conference for the first time this year, and it’s heartening to see so many fleets coming together to share successes and best practice.”