Custom Car: Toyota Fun VII


Could this be the beginning of creating the ultimate custom cars? For many years people have at a great expense created their own custom cars, changing the paint work on their cars, to include their favorite art work, brands, colors and graphics on their cars.


“In the image above I have taken one of my favorite images of my dog Wanja a Saint Bernard to see how it would look on the car” – Owners of the car, will be able to customize the look and feel of the car as they wish!”

This week Toyota has introduced us to a mind blowing concept relating to Custom Cars.

 This is simply one of the best concepts that I have seen in years, from the automotive industry. Toyota is busy playing around with a new concept where you can customize the exterior of your car using images and videos. To take this even further their Custom Car Concept also allows you to create a custom interior design for your car!

Instead of taking you car to a “spray painter” or “Car Studio placing Stickers onto your Car” you can now simply download your favorite image in high resolution and stick it on the display of your Toyota Fun VII Concept car. From the limited information that we have available about the Toyota FUN VII Concept car it looks like the cars whole body is designed with a “Computer Screen Display” on the inside and on the outside.

This allows people to create their own “Custom Car” by just uploading video or images to their cars! The Concept Cars can create a whole new world of applications for Toyota Fun VII owners. Imagine you can log into an application site and change and download these designs for free, or purchase these designs and simply upload it to their cars.

If you want to be unique get a Toyota Fun VII Custom Car:
You can drive a car that looks completely different from every other car on the road. You can create the car exterior exactly the way that you want it. One example would be to upload images of your dog to your exterior display on the Toyota Fun VII Concept Car.