Crossing borders! Daimler partnering with innovation conference TEDxBerlin


Mercedes BenzStuttgart – The theme of the conference on 23 November 2012 at the “Haus der Kulturen der Welt” in Berlin is ‘Crossing Borders’. At TEDxBerlin, pioneers and visionaries from Germany and abroad describe life-changing experiences and explain their motivation for crossing boundaries from a variety of different perspectives.

For Business Innovation, the “Daimler lab” for new business models, crossing borders means expanding the scope of what is achievable through new ideas and novel ways of thinking. The partnership aims to establish a dialogue with conference members.

Where are the boundaries facing us as individuals, as a society? Who or what determines them? What is the effect of demarcation – on the way we live together, the arts and scientific discourse? Where are today’s borders? Who is questioning them and why? And what happens if we overcome these obstacles?

TEDxBerlin is looking to answer these questions, together with Daimler. Artists, scientists, activists and athletes will be approaching the topic of ‘crossing borders’ from a range of different perspectives.

Daimler Business Innovation at TEDxBerlin

“TEDxBerlin brings together pioneering minds. For us at Business Innovation this makes the conference an ideal platform to enter into a dialogue with interesting and extraordinary people. In doing so, we receive new impulses, which we refine and mould into innovative business models – if they appear promising to us,” says Wilfried Steffen, head of the department at Daimler AG in Stuttgart. Business Innovation is crossing existing boundaries by working on intelligent mobility services and their cross-linkage in urban areas, very much in the spirit of the conference. During a working lunch with a selected group of TEDxBerlin attendees Business Innovation will be discussing ideas for the mobility of the future: How are we going to get from A to B in the year 2017?

Created in 2008, the mobility concept car2go was one of the first successful business models by Business Innovation. Already available in 15 cities across the world, car2go has well over 220,000 customers, making it the undisputed market leader among flexible short-term car rental models. This year, car2go will also launch a large fleet of electric smart cars in Stuttgart.

Business Innovation has also developed the mobility platform moovel, which bundles offers from various mobility providers to find the best way from A to B and presents an overview of travel options via free app and mobile website. Following the successful pilot launch in Stuttgart in July 2012, a second moovel pilot has started in October 2012 in Berlin.