Craig Metros: Putting Fine Art in Motion


Title:  Chief designer for all-new Ford Ranger

The design chief for the new Ford Ranger started training for his career in the auto industry at the age of five. That’s when Craig Metros started drawing cars. By the time he was 10, he was sketching and building his own billy carts, which he painted black and detailed with flames shooting across the sides.

Craig Metros

Metros has been designing cars and trucks for Ford Motor Company for 24 years now. Prior to heading up the Ranger design team in Australia, he was design chief for the F-150 in North America. His talent and passion for automotive design was inherited from his father.

Ford Ranger

“My Dad was an automotive draftsman and engineer. I was always around cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and snowmobiles,” he recalled. “My Dad’s everyday vehicle was a pickup truck. His hobby car was a Forty Ford Coupe. It was such a beautiful car.”

As design chief for the new Ranger, Metros has been involved in every stage of the new pickup’s design development, guiding the appearance of the interior and exterior from concept to customer.

Metros was born and raised in the Motor City – Detroit, Michigan – and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art with a major in Industrial Design from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.

During his long career with Ford, he has lived and worked in the U.K., Italy, Germany, and Japan. Metros currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, where the Ranger development team was headquartered.

“Having the opportunity to live in Australia and work with such a diverse, passionate, and talented team has been incredible,” he said.

Metros is confident that the work his team has done on the Ranger will “push the Ford truck brand into the future”. “We’ve created an exciting series range that offers more variety to a growing global market, while ensuring that we stayed true to what a Ford truck really is,” he said.

Within Ford Motor Company the development and manufacturing process employed for the new Ranger has set a new benchmark. “Future programmes are already referencing and aligning to this one,” Metros explained.

“I truly believe this truck will be a game changer,” he added. “With modern proportions, dynamic exterior styling, and a beautiful, well-appointed interior combined with Ford’s truck experience and heritage … we have a winner!”