Corportate Social Responsibility and Renault South Africa


RENAULT SA, one of South Africa’s leading vehicle distributors has an energetic and expanding corporate social responsibility programme. Through its projects, Renault is committed to assisting in making a contribution to strengthening democracy, enabling people to become self sufficient and developing cultural and spiritual values.

Renault is a founder member and a Platinum sponsor of the Valued Citizens Project, and is a leader in the sponsorship of contemporary South African art and its artists, through its Renault Art and Culture programme.

Valued Citizens Project

The philosophy behind the Valued Citizens Project is to develop children to become literate citizens empowered to partake in building and developing the future of South Africa. The programme instils values of pride and develops leadership.

Since its inception, 800 primary schools in Gauteng and the Free State have become involved, as well as 20 high schools in Soweto.

South Africa’s history created a divisive society, and many of its children have grown up without role models, as parents are often employed away from home. The impact of the AIDS pandemic has exacerbated this situation, with a severe breakdown in the moral fibre of young South Africans.

Participants in the programme are encouraged to challenge thoughts, ideas and beliefs, to communicate pro-actively, practice Ubuntu, and develop mores of trust care and love. They are taught to value diversity, celebrate commonalities, and acknowledge differences. Respecting self, others, property and the environment, promoting critical and independent thinking, and alleviating fear are some of the principles, which are shared with and taught to the participants.

ART embraces universal truths, which refer to our shared humanity. Art is therefore a powerful tool of communication, and a strongly unifying force within a country.

 The Renault Art and Culture programme is inspired to develop and highlight the exceptional artistic creativity, which flourishes throughout South Africa, and to embrace South Africa’s overall cultural heritage.

This programme aspires to build a contemporary national heritage for all South Africans to celebrate and enjoy. Public acknowledgement of creative talent within South Africa will assist in building the values of pride and self-esteem so essential to the continuation of building South Africa’s fledgling democracy.

The success that has been enjoyed by the Renault artists, since the inception of the programme two years ago, has helped to build bridges amongst the different communities living in South Africa. It has also helped provide a better understanding and appreciation of the many different cultural backgrounds of the country.

Renault Artists are offered an opportunity to exhibit their art in the Renault showrooms, enabling their talent to be appreciated and developed. All expenses are covered, thereby allowing the artists a springboard to economic empowerment through the sales of their artworks.

The accompanying media publicity and the exposure of the artists work to entirely new audiences, jumpstarts the development of their careers, and is an effective tool to job creation opportunities. Many of the artists receive commissions for their work from the exhibitions. All the artists have testified to the life changing aspects that the project has provided for them.

To ensure sustainability for the Renault Art and Culture Programme, Renault SA has formed a partnership with the illustrious Everard Read Gallery.

The Renault Artists are invited to exhibit at the Gallery on an annual basis, with the possibility of being invited to participate in ongoing future exhibitions. Buyers of their art feel confident with their investments, knowing the careers of the artists are secure.

The Valued Citizens and the Renault Art and Culture a programme not only demonstrate Renault SA’s commitment to South Africa, but also ensure that its corporate social responsibility projects are at the forefront of foreign investment commitment to South Africa.