Continental Tyre SA appoints new Legal and Compliance Manager


Sivuyile BoqwanaContinental Tyre SA appoints new Legal and Compliance Manager

Continental Tyre South Africa (CTSA) has strengthened its compliance with the wide range of legal, policy and contractual matters it faces on a daily basis by appointing a Legal and Compliance Manager for the first time.

With a strong focus on compliance of policies and procedures globally, CTSA has deemed it necessary to employ an expert to deal with legal matters and procedures.

“This crucial appointment allows CTSA to centralise all legal and contractual aspects of the business, and ensure that we are able to more effectively meet the requirements of all applicable legislation and regulation,” said Attie Higgs, CTSA’s General Manager: Human Resources.

Experienced attorney Sivuyile Boqwana has been appointed in this new position. She is responsible for establishing the new department, which will oversee the Corporate Compliance Programme and function as an independent and objective body reviewing and evaluating all legal, compliance and contractual issues within the organisation.

“Previously legal matters were managed by individuals within their own departments and responsibility areas, in consultation with external legal representatives when required,” Higgs said. “Some departments have as many as 185 laws applicable to their circumstances and operations, so this appointment will provide essential ongoing support in these critical areas.”

According to Higgs, the new department will ensure that all legal, policy and contract matters will be centrally managed. This will produce a more structured approach to identify and implement new legislation or amendments, and reduce the potential risk and cost implications of non-compliance.

It will also guarantee that the board of directors, management and employees are in compliance with the rules and regulations of the applicable regulatory agencies and that company policies, procedures and Standards of Conduct are being followed.

“She will continue to work with all our external partners on legal matters,” said Higgs.

Boqwana brings with her a wealth of experience in law, and specifically in the automotive sector.

“I look forward to my new role at Continental Tyre, looking after all aspects of procurement, contract management, compliance and general legal advice,” Boqwana said.

“My objectives are to handle more of the company’s legal and compliance requirements internally, implement a workable and efficient contract management system, and provide practical, efficient, reliable and innovative solutions with regards to legal advice.”

Boqwana obtained her BSc Law degree at Rhodes University and then completed her LLB at the University of Port Elizabeth (now the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University). She served her articles and then practised as an attorney at a law firm in Port Elizabeth before moving to Sanlam Life as its compliance officer.

In 2007 she was appointed as legal advisor and assistant company secretary at General Motors SA. Four years later Boqwana relocated to Pretoria to start the Consumer Protection department as a Consumer Protection Act specialist – a role she filled until joining CTSA.