ContiSportContact3Continental has won a coveted tyre test from the UK’s monthly car magazine, evo. The ContiSportContact3 took top spot in this year’s performance tyre test, announced in the February edition of the title.

For its third year, the evo performance tyre test highlights exceptional performance across areas such as wet and dry handling, aquaplaning and braking. Seen within the motoring industry as a stamp of approval for the best performance tyre, evo described Continental’s win as “an impressively complete performance”.

Fitted across a wide range of models throughout the market, evo tested the 235/40 R18 from a range of competitor brands, with the majority of testing taking place at the extensive facilities of the MIRA proving ground.

The title praised the Continental’s abilities across areas such as wet handling and braking, taking top spot in both categories. On Continental’s wet handling evo commented;

“‘Masterful’, we said of the Continental. There were some great performances on the wet circuit but the Conti still stood out, setting the fastest lap time, recording the highest lateral G, and scoring the highest subjective mark, too-it wasn’t bettered.”

The title went on to heap further praise on the ContiSportContact3 and its breadth of abilities, adding;

“Especially impressive was its stability-It barely acknowledged puddles that were registered by its closest rivals, and its traction was superb. ‘Amazingly surefooted and grippy; the limit is your nerve.’”

Jonathan Hayter, product manager at Continental, said; “This additional win for the ContiSportContact3 is an excellent endorsement for our product range. The ultra high performance tyre has proven its worth yet again next to competitor products and has displayed its prowess in a number of disciplines including wet handling and braking.”

The ContiSportContact3 is the ideal choice for drivers who want the highest levels of safety without compromising on performance. Its asymmetric tread pattern design provides shorter braking distances, excellent handling and precise steering response, while the supple compound and unique tread grooves give maximum grip in all conditions and outstanding performance in the wet.The ContiSportContact3 comes in a range of sizes from rim size 17″ and above. For more information on the Continental product range, visit