Continental 4×4 Route and Adventure


Six countries, 19 days, 10 vehicles, and 8 000 km

  • Second annual General Tyre 4×4 African Adventure
  • Launches all-new General Grabber MT, along with proven Grabber AT
  • Family-oriented off-road adventure encompassing Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa
  • Strong community focus with two CSR projects in Zambia

4x4 Route

The second annual General Tyre 4×4 African Adventure is ready for take-off and will be taking more than 30 people on an exciting and challenging trip through some of the most spectacular regions of Southern Africa.

Sponsored by Continental Tyre South Africa (CTSA) and organised by Adventure Junkies, the convoy of 10 vehicles will depart from the CTSA plant in Port Elizabeth on 20 March and travel through Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, eventually returning to the Friendly City on 7 April.

“The 2012 General Tyre 4×4 African Adventure captured the true spirit of a family-oriented adventure through Southern Africa,” says Gishma Johnson, Continental Tyre SA’s Corporate Communications Manager. “This year’s event will be taking the concept even further in terms of the distance covered, the number of places visited and the challenges tackled.

“One of the major focus points of the trip will be the debut of the all-new General Grabber MT, which represents the General Tyre brand’s re-entry into the heavy-duty off-road tyre market. Several vehicles will be equipped with this latest-technology 4×4 tyre that offers exceptional levels of off-road performance and durability.”

Selected vehicles will also be fitted with the star performer from the 2012 African Adventure, the General Grabber AT. This remarkable tyre has been extremely well received since its launch last year, and was rated the top all-terrain tyre by one of SA’s leading leisure motoring magazines.

Vehicle support has been received from several manufacturers, which have kindly sponsored 4x4s for the trip. Accordingly, the African Adventure will feature the brand-new Isuzu KB for the first time, along with the latest Ford Ranger and the Toyota Hilux and Fortuner.

The African Adventure, led by the experienced team from Adventure Junkies, will take the participants on an exciting route – typically well off the beaten track – covering a total distance of around 8 000 km. Among the many highlights lined up for the expedition, participants can look forward to a scenic off-road trail following the border between Botswana and Zimbabwe, as well as exclusive visits to remote islands on LakeKariba and Lake Malawi.

While the trip is primarily about exploring this wonderful and diverse continent, the General Tyre 4×4 African Adventure retains a strong community focus. A remote school set in the hills near Momba Coal Mine in Zambia has been nominated as the CSR beneficiary for the 2013 African Adventure. The crews will deliver essential supplies and funds for this project to assist the school with education and upliftment.

The team will also be returning to the MalambuMiddle School near Monze in order to see how the money and equipment donated during the 2012 adventure have been utilised to build much-needed additional classrooms.

Coverage of the General Tyre 4×4 African Adventure will be updated daily throughout the trip on the Continental SA Facebook page ( and on the Continental SA website ( and Twitter @ContinentalSA .

General Grabber MT

The all-new Grabber MT, which makes its much-anticipated debut on the 2013 General Tyre 4×4 African Adventure, represents the latest addition to the General Tyre range in South   Africa.

Designed as a heavy-duty mud-terrain 4×4 tyre, it is specifically developed for vehicles that spend most of their time off the road. It is also ideally suited to off-road enthusiasts and adventurers due to its rugged durability and dependable performance in the toughest driving environments.

The Grabber MT boasts an aggressive open-pattern tread and shoulder design with stone-ejecting ribs, which affords a high level of traction in mud and rocky terrain, as well as superb self-cleaning capability. Different block sizes in the shoulder area further aid maximum grip in all conditions.

A durable three-ply carcass construction is employed for the highest level of robustness for the tyre casing. This provides enhanced protection against cuts and punctures, as well as unsurpassed durability.

The General Grabber MT is being launched 15 and 16-inch diameters. The 15-inch versions comprise the LT235/75R 15, 31X10.50R 15LT and 33×12.50R 15LT. The LT265/75R 16 is available for 16-inch rims.

General Grabber AT

The Grabber AT proved its exceptional capabilities and breadth of performance on the 2012 General Tyre 4×4 African Adventure, negotiating a wide range of terrain over more than 6 000 km with complete, sure-footed confidence.

Since its launch last year, it has received numerous awards, including winning a comprehensive all-terrain tyre shoot-out conducted by one of SA’s leading leisure motoring magazines.

As proven on the previous event, the Grabber AT provides superb grip and handling, both on and off the road. It has a robust construction that protects against damage to the sidewall and tread, while providing superb comfort, handling and high mileage.

The tyre compound and tread pattern were developed with a focus on safety, both for on and off-road driving. The Grabber AT performs exceptionally well in wet driving and braking, and delivers impressively smooth and quiet running. Overall, this makes the Grabber AT the ideal all-terrain tyre for all conditions. It is available in a wide range of tyre sizes, spanning 15 to 20-inch diameters.