Continental 360° Fleet Services now available in South Africa


Port Elizabeth, South Africa, August 05, 2014.


Continental Tyre South Africa’s truck service offering, Conti360° Fleet Services, is now available to transport companies operating in all market segments in South Africa. With Conti360° Fleet Services, South African fleets get an all round professional tyre service. This includes the recommendation and perfect selection of truck tyres, quick assistance in the case of a breakdown and the ongoing monitoring and reporting on the tyres of the whole fleet.

Under the management of Ian Langlands, General Manager of Continental Tyre South Africa’s Truck Business Unit, a team of experienced tyre specialists are offering support services for fleets. The individual elements of Conti360° Fleet Services enable fleets to achieve the lowest cost per kilometer:

  • ContiBreakdownServices
    • No matter where you are in South Africa, in the case of a tyre break down, ContiBreakdownServices will have the vehicle back on the road with minimum downtime.
  • ContiFleetCheck
    • Thanks to regular inspections, the performance of the tyre will be maximised. Services include audits, analysis and extensive reporting.
  • ContiFleetReporting
    • Providing fleets with a complete analysis of the tyres’ performance, showing at a glance the potential for any tyre-related cost savings.
  • Engage360
    • Personal on-site training with dealers and fleets as well as an online training center. The Conti360° Fleet Services road show, which kicked off in July 2014 serves as a mobile training centre for fleets to experience Continental’s product and service offering.
  • ContiPressureCheck
    • An advanced tyre-pressure monitoring system specifically designed for commercial vehicles will be launched mid 2015.
    • ContiPressureCheck, often referred to as CPC, constantly monitors tyre pressures and the temperature of each tyre and provides real time, on demand tyre status information.
  • ContiLifeCycle
    • Premium retreadability thanks to a premium casing
    • ContiTread, a premium tread which is produced using Continental’s compounds and tread designs, will be launched mid 2015. Tyres will get new tread and an extended service life resulting in reduced tyre costs for the fleet.

“We know that cost efficiency is key. Conti360° Fleet Services meets the specific needs of fleets; reliability and efficiency. The individual elements of Conti360° Fleet Services covers all areas of commercial vehicle tyres and enables the fleet to achieve lowest cost per kilometer.” says Ian Langlands.


An all new mobile marketing road show brings the Conti360° Fleet Services to life. The road show kicked off in July 2014 and showcases interactive displays of Generation 2 truck tyres and services. The new vehicle will be seen for first time in Johannesburg and will be travelling throughout South Africa via Bloemfontein, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The focus of the Conti360° Fleet Services road show is much more than just tyres. “While truck tyres are our core business, we also offer value added services which improves fuel savings and mileage. All in all, Conti360° Fleet Services is about optimising tyre performance.” says Monica Ramsunder, Marketing Manager Truck Tyres.


“The Continental Truck Tyre Team is committed to working together with our customers. We are excited to bring this service offering to market! We are confident that the complete portfolio of Continental Truck Tyres together with the integrated Conti360° Fleet Services approach will enable our fleet customers to achieve improved cost per kilometer.”