Comprehensive range of safety and security features for the new Chevrolet

  • Driver and passenger airbags standard on all models
  • Collapsible steering column sheers at coupling to rack in severe impact
  • Transponder immobiliser standard on all models
  • ABS with EBD standard on Sport models
  • Remote central locking and anti-theft alarm on Club and Sport models

Chevrolet Utility Zimbabwe

The new Chevrolet Utility boasts a wide range of safety and security features for segment leading driver and passenger protection.

All models, including the base specification, have driver and passenger frontal airbags as standard equipment. Also standard on all models in the range is a collapsible steering column, not with a conventional collapsible joint however, but rather a coupling that is designed to shear off at the point where the steering column mounts onto the steering rack.

In the case of a severe frontal impact the steering column is designed to detach from the rack at the coupling point to prevent the column form being pushed back into the driver’s chest and head zones. This significantly reduces the risk of severe chest and head injuries.

Three point seat belts are provided with height adjustment to ensure a comfortable fit for a range of passenger and driver sizes. Side impact bars are fitted to within the door structures to minimise intrusion in the event of a side impact.

All “Sport” variants are fitted with ABS anti-lock brakes with Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD). These vehicles also have front fog lamps as standard equipment for improved visibility in adverse weather conditions.

From a security standpoint the new Chevrolet Utility offers a high level of protection through its transponder ignition key system, if the codes don’t match or there is an attempt to bypass the system it is impossible to start the vehicle.

Club and Sport specification models are fitted with remote central locking and an anti-theft alarm system. Automatic door locking is a feature of the system – when the vehicle reaches a speed of 15 km/h the doors will automatically lock to prevent forced entry from outside the vehicle. As a safety feature, the system will automatically unlock the doors if a severe accident impact is sensed.