Police SurveilanceTelematics, safety and security supplier, Cobra UK will be showcasing Global Live, its ground breaking mobile CCTV monitoring security system with unique live image streaming, on stand 2C91 at this year’s CV Show.

    Global Live offers HGV and van operators a unique solution to combat the ever increasing incidence of load interception and theft, while protecting drivers and passengers. The system can also offer bus and coach operators peace of mind, affording extra security for VIPs in transit, and protecting assets from vandalism on late night bus routes.

    The new CCTV-based telematics system allows operators to literally watch over their vehicles 24/7 whether they’re out on the road or parked, and should an event occur, enables businesses to react immediately and intervene in real time.

    In-vehicle cameras monitor the cabin and load areas 24/7, audibly and visually. External cameras protect the vehicle and its load from thieves, can be used to monitor driving standards, and crucially the footage is admissible as evidence in court in the event of an incident. The number and position of cameras can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

    Global Live works by providing high quality CCTV images of vehicles, assets and employees streamed in real time via low cost 3G networks, combined with GPS tracking, which enables pinpoint location of the vehicle at any time.

    CV ShowOperators can choose to self monitor the CCTV footage or upgrade to Global Live’s monitoring services, where highly trained personnel at the Cobra Secure Operating Centre (SOC) can view and download live images and data of a vehicle en route or when parked.

    The SOC is highly trained in handling duress situations, so should an incident occur, they can immediately raise and manage the situation with the appropriate emergency services. The SOC is also able to remotely lock or unlock the cab or trailer doors and can prevent a vehicle’s ignition from being re-started once the vehicle has come to a standstill.

    Global Live CCTV footage can also help operators combat issues such as fuel theft, load pilfering and staged accidents. The system may also help reduce insurance premiums, and is equally suitable for the monitoring and protection of remote or unmanned sites, such as storage depots. Customers can further personalise the system in a number of ways, including personal attack buttons for drivers and enhanced infrared cameras.

    In addition to Global Live, Cobra will be exhibiting a diverse range of cost effective automotive safety and security products including: Cobra anti-theft alarms and parking sensors, CobraTrak stolen vehicle tracking, aftermarket Bluetooth handsfree systems, speed limiters, and a range of reversing camera systems.