• Three new products designed to help leasing, rental and fleet managers control assets
  • Unique crash alert system standard on each system
  • New products builds on Cobra’s strong reputation in vehicle security and telematics

Cobra UK

Cobra UK has launched Cobra Asset Control, three new and innovative products for the fleet vehicle tracking market.

Utilising experience gained from being at the forefront of developing Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT) and black box telematics technology, Cobra Asset Control, Cobra Asset Control Plus and Cobra Asset Control Lockdown will support car, van and truck fleets to control the costs and manage risks associated with owning or operating business vehicles.

The unique feature of all three solutions is eFNOL (electronic First Notification of Loss), a crash alert facility which sends an automatic email or text alert to pre agreed contacts in the event of an accident, giving the vehicle details, time and location of the incident.

Each system also has as standard 24/7 coverage local language support across Europe and Russia, Web Locate vehicle positioning and the ability to be fully transferred to another vehicle, ideal for high churn daily rental, dealer demonstrator and press fleets.

Optional features as the range progresses include mileage reporting, theft tracking on demand, speed alerts, a geofence alert which triggers when a vehicle leaves a pre-defined area, and lockdown which enables the remote immobilisation of a vehicle’s engine.

Cobra Asset Control has been developed specifically for leasing companies, rental companies and fleet managers to focus on asset location, residual value protection, vehicle protection and repatriation, Duty of Care, accident alerts and proactive driver, expenses and mileage management.

“Cobra Asset Control is a fleet tracking solution which provides the key business information needed by fleet owners to reduce costs and keep control of their vehicles. We developed Cobra Asset Control as a solution to the challenges faced by the leasing and rental sectors and our robust, easy-to-access system enables instant control of every vehicle from a PC or mobile device,” explained Andrew Smith, Managing Director of Cobra UK

“Cobra is a leader in the telematics sector and our systems are used by insurance companies worldwide for young driver telematics insurance as well as finance companies. Cobra Asset Control uses the same technology to bring high quality solutions to the fleet tracking sector.”

To help ease the cost outlay Cobra has set up a range of payment terms for purchase and rental of all three solutions.