Cobra Technology & Lifestyle add-on parts more individuality for SUVs, minivans and pickups


All Cobra Technology & Lifestyle add-on parts are now available with three different surface finishes: chrome, matte black and titanium


Individuality is key. That’s why Cobra Technology & Lifestyle now expands its product range for more than 200 SUV, minivan and pickup models by offering all steel add-on components with three different surface finishes. In addition to the mirror-finish stainless-steel version that has been popular for years, the accessories are now also available with a matte black plastic coating and in a version offering particularly fancy titanium looks.

This makes it possible to tailor the vehicle even better to the individual preferences of its owner. The components with matte black plastic coating can also be painted in vehicle or contrasting color, thus offering even more options to express individual style.

On the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle website, customers can configure their car with all desired accessories, view them with any available surface finish and print the results. 

As in the case of the Opel Mokka selected as an example here, the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle stainless-steel front guard with a tube diameter of 60 millimeters is available with a chrome-plated, matte-black or titanium-look finish. All three versions have one thing in common: the protective component is designed to be mounted elastically and thus yields in the event of an impact. 

Of course all three surface versions of the front guard comply with the current EU directive 2009/78 on pedestrian protection. After successfully passing the mandatory crash tests, the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle front guard received the EG operating certificate. Owners of an Opel Mokka are therefore spared the time-consuming and costly safety inspection as well as the subsequent amendment of the vehicle registration documents.

Cobra Lifestyle

The Cobra Technology & Lifestyle rocker panel guards with a diameter of 80 millimeters also come in all three surface finishes. The integrated black plastic steps facilitate vehicle entry and exit at all four doors. What’s more: the sturdy components also protect the rocker panels – and not only when driving off road.

For other SUVs, minivans and pickups there is the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle CITYGUARD® element in addition. It is mounted to the lower section of the front bumper. Also available for these models are rocker panel guards without steps, running boards and rear guards in all three surface finishes.

All Cobra Technology & Lifestyle components are manufactured in OEM quality. They are backed by a 24-month warranty with unlimited miles.

With a shiny chrome finish, in matte black or sporting particularly fancy titanium looks: Cobra Technology & Lifestyle (Alleestrasse 15-19, D-33818 Leopoldshöhe, phone +49 / (0) 52 02 / 99 92 60, fax +49 / (0) 52 02 / 99 92 50, internet now offers its accessories for SUVs, minivans and pickups with three different surface finishes.