Claude Bernard


Claude Bernard

Exactly 200 year ago July 12, 1813 Claude Bernard was born in Saint-Julien, Rhône in eastern France and today Google France is celebrating the live and legacy of this extraordinary man on the French Search Engine homepage.

Claude Bernard

Claude Bernard (12 July 1813 – 10 February 1878) was a French physiologist.

 Claude Bernard was called “one of the greatest of all men of science” by Bernard Cohen of Harvard University among many others for his contributions to physiology. Claude Bernard was one of the first to suggest the use of blind experiments to ensure the objectivity of scientific observations. He was the first to define the term milieu intérieur, now known as homeostasis.

Claude Bernard describes what makes a scientific theory good and what makes a scientist important, a true discoverer. Unlike many scientific writers of his time, Bernard writes about his own experiments and thoughts, and uses the first person.

Claude Bernard Google Doodle

The Google Doodle of Claude Bernard, features a cartoon character that represents and looks very similar to Claude Bernard. The artists responsible for creating the doodle did a stunning job representing and capturing the facial features of Claude Bernard in the drawing. The google clearly shows that Claude Bernard was a thinker, and the words, Google is in a colorful think bubble showing Claude Bernard thinking about one of his experiments!

For more information about Claude Bernard we recommend the Wikipedia page about Claude Bernard.