Classic car enthusiasts have long recognised the lack of security that comes with their timeless pieces of automotive engineering, but often prefer to do without unsightly modern alarm systems and devices which blight the integrity of the car.

    Overcoming the aesthetic flaws of other security devices and embracing award winning technology, stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert TRACKER, has developed a battery powered solution, making ‘Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve’ the ideal protection for classic car owners.

    “Thatcham approved, Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve is an important development in our range of SVR solutions.  Using its own power source that lasts for five years, the product does not rely on the car’s own battery,” explains Stephen Doran, Managing Director of TRACKER.  “This is particularly beneficial for classic cars as it means that its installation doesn’t involve modifying the vehicle in any way.

    Crucially, with no need to wire the unit to the vehicle’s electrical system, it overcomes the issue of power drain on the car’s battery, even if the owner leaves the car unused for a long period of time.  As a self-contained device there are fewer restrictions on where to install the unit within the car, making it even more elusive to thieves but, at the same time, allowing police to track the vehicle if it’s stolen.

    “This has to be good news for classic car owners who will be preparing the vehicle for the winter months.  Professional car thieves will often know where a vehicle is being stored and will be planning ahead to either steal to order or take the car for parts, which   can often be worth more than the car as a whole.

    Classic car owners really do need a security solution that doesn’t rely on drawing from the car’s own power source and which offers robust protection without spoiling the look of the vehicle,” continues Doran.

    As with all TRACKER’s SVR solutions, Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve takes advantage of Very High Frequency (VHF) technology and is operated by all UK police forces to locate stolen vehicles.  When a vehicle is stolen, the customer reports the theft to the police and obtains a Crime Reference Number.

    TRACKER then activates the unit, which emits a unique signal, allowing the police to track the stolen vehicle, even if it is hidden in a shipping container or an underground car park.

    Doran concludes, “Over 90% of cars fitted with a TRACKER device are successfully located and returned to their owners and now we can offer that level of protection to classic car owners too.  Our unit is small enough to hide, operates using its own power source and has a signal that can be picked up even if the car is hidden, unlike GPS only systems.  This means that TRACKER delivers an unparalleled level of protection for classic car owners and significantly improves the chances of recovery.”

    Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve retail price:

    £249 inc. VAT fitted, including the 1st year’s subscription worth £99.

    For more information contact TRACKER Direct Sales on 0500 090909