A gaggle of Golfs will descend on The Classic Car Show, held in association with Rolling Thunder at the Johannesburg Exhibition Centre, Nasrec, on December 7.


The Volkswagen Golf is the most modified and tuned car on South African roads at present, and Golfs of all generations will feature hugely in the special Street Machine section of The Classic Car Show.

The most prolific of all modified Golfs is the CitiGolf, produced here between 1985 and 2009, basically a hyped-up version of the original Mk I Golf which today is a cult car all over the world.

There is a particular style amongst Golf MkI  and CitiGolf  owners here. The car should be lowered considerably, bigger diameter alloys should be fitted, and the grille should be painted black. The emphasis is on a clean, mean look, with countless variations on this basic theme.

The Mk II Golf was bigger and had more rounded  edges, and here the most collectible is the GTi. Golf fanatics prize the Mk Ii GTi as probably the most complete GTi ever built, as it had better handling than the Mk I, and in 1986 a rorty 16-Valve version was also introduced which remains one of the Holy Grails of Golf collectability today.

The Mk III was heavier and slower and generally not prized at all, except for one huge exception. To satisfy critics of the now slower GTi, Volkswagen introduced its VR6 version, a car that can still be heard roaring around the suburbs late on a Saturday or Sunday night, with a special air-filter cone giving full voice to that wonderful, hard-sucking induction system.

The Golf iV finally headed the GTi  legend back on track with 1,8-litre Turbo versions being the cream of this generation, especially the special 132 kW version which came late in the model’s life-span.


And then came the Golf V, which once again hit as hard as the original GTi of 1982, in captivating the imaginations of a whole new generation of petrol-heads.

The Golf V GTi came with a 147 kW turbo engine and a chassis that was at once comfortable and provided great road holding and this theme has been continued and improved upon in the sixth and seventh  generations of Golf. There are also the special  R versions with all-wheel-drive which have their own particular fan base.

With the advent of the turbocharged Golf GTi the tuners went to town, and at Nasrec on December 7 you’ll see and hear  Golfs with power outputs well in excess of the 250 kW mark! Along with the cult-fanaticism of these cars has come a whole host of visual tuner aids, wings, spoilers, bonnets, interior gauge kits and the like, not to mention a vast array of huge-diameter  alloy wheels adding eye candy to what was and remains an already attractive package.

The Golf gaggles will be sharing space with some hot Hondas, Toyotas, BMWs and Opels at Nasrec, cars that have also captivated  the Fast and Furious brigade who are obsessed with making their street machines go faster and look cooler.

And, of course, there will be over 1 000 classic cars and motorcycles turning up for what is the biggest classic car event in Gauteng.

As in previous shows, The Classic Car Show  offers a great fun filled family event with delicious Food (Halaal food available), Beer Garden, Flea Market, Kids Entertainment, Live Entertainment and Helicopter rides @ R150.00pp. Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Vintage Cars, Super Cars, Bikes, Harley’s, Turbo Cars and Pimped out VW Cars as well as Show & Shine Competition, Sound Competition, Dyno Run, Spinning and Drifting.

Entry fee is free for one driver and one passenger in a classic car or street machine or on a motorcycle, while spectators will pay a modest entry price.