Class Leading Towing Performance the NEW Isuzu KB


Class Leading Towing Performance For New 6th Generation Isuzu KB


As technology marches forward each new generation of vehicle brings with it advances in overall performance and operating economy, and let’s not forget ride comfort and stability as well. The new 6th Generation Isuzu KB exemplifies this with a class leading performance in a number of areas but especially in towing and payload capacity.

The top-of-the range KB 300 models powered by the 130 kW Isuzu 3,0 litre D-TEQ engine have a towing capacity of 3 500 kilograms for trailers fitted with a service brake. To realize the full potential of this stump pulling performance a heavy duty tow-bar, rated for 3,5 tons, is available as an accessory.  This towbar has been designed to integrate into the rear step bumper, whilst minimizing the impact on departure angle, a particularly important aspect in off road motoring.

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Models across the range below these top-spec KBs have a towing capacity of 2100 kg, a significant improvement over the previous generation KB.

When it comes to payload capacity the new Isuzu KB is again at the top of the class with LX 300 4X2 Double Cab capable of carrying a payload of 1133 kg, well up on its opposition. This situation is reflected across the range with excellent load capacity for all of the various KBs, from entry level petrol models to mid- to high-range diesel double and single cab models. The lowest payload specified in the range is for the KB 250 D-TEQ Double Cab 4X2 which is rated at 962 kg.

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The inherent fuel efficiency of the 3,0 litre Isuzu D-TEQ engine with its electronically controlled variable vane turbo charger with charge-air cooling and common rail direct fuel injection gives the Isuzu KB exceptional operating efficiency with just 7,7 l/100km consumed by the 4X2 variant on the combined cycle test (7,8 l/100km for the 4X4) with CO2 emissions a low 204 g/km (209g/km for the 4×4).

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The Isuzu KB 250 D-TEQ models can boast of a record breaking heritage. Fitted to the previous model Isuzu KB, the 250 LE and the KB 72, this engine powered the Isuzu pick-up to an expansive set of speed and endurance records over a 72 hour period. In April 2010 a KB 250 LE covered a record breaking 11 496 km in the 72 hour period for an average speed of 159,7 km/h in the 2,5 litre commercial diesel class.

The KB 240 models with their 2,4 litre petrol engine complete the line-up with a 112 kW of power and 233 Nm of torque. Towing capacity, even at this entry level to the Isuzu KB range is a full 2100 kg. Payload capacity for the Base model KB 240 is 1146 kg. A 2100 kg capacity tow bar is available as a dealer installed accessory for all models.

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