As part of its ongoing ’Citroën Vans – Business Class’ initiative, Citroën has now launched its ‘5 Star’ Euro 5 LCV Programme.  This unique Citroën programme demonstrates a complete approach to maximising advanced technology to reduce CO2 emissions and improve the fuel efficiency of its new Euro 5 LCV range, by including:

  • Advanced, fuel-efficient, low emissions Euro 5 petrol and HDi diesel engines
  • New e-HDi Airdream micro-hybrid drivetrains for selected Berlingo vans
  • .A Diesel Particulate Filtration System (DPFS), with its proven, effective self-regeneration capability
  • The unique Citroën Trafficmaster Smartnav and Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking telematics package*, which delivers even better fuel efficiency, lower vehicle running costs, lower driver stress levels and improved safety
  • The ability of all Citroën HDi engines to run on up to 30% bio-diesel without effect on warranty or need for technical modification, providing additional benefits

Citroen 5 Star

Scott Michael, Citroën’s Commercial Vehicle Operations Manager, commented; “The launch of our 5 Star Euro 5 programme offers a significant step forward for LCV operators.  It demonstrates Citroën’s unique and all-embracing approach to improving the efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of our LCVs.

Since the introduction earlier this year of the ’Citroën Vans – Business Class’ programme, Citroën has continued to improve its sales and aftersales service, as well as providing a greater choice of converted vehicles through both our Relay Specialist model range and our expanded Ready to Run range.  With the Citroën 5 Star Euro 5 programme our customers can now benefit from further fuel efficiency improvements of up to 19% and CO2 reductions of up to 17.5%.”

Joining the already introduced Euro 5 Nemo range, with its exceptional fuel economy from just 65.7mpg on the combined cycle and ultra-low CO2 emissions from just 109g/km, are the Euro 5 Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay ranges.

Berlingo Euro 5 – including new e-HDi Airdream efficiency
In Euro 5 format, the versatile Berlingo van range is available with the choice of a new, more powerful 1.6i 95 petrol and HDi 75 or HDi 90 diesel engines.  In addition there is the availability of a new e-HDi 90 Airdream micro-hybrid powertrain, with Stop & Start technology.  For full details on the most fuel-efficient and lowest CO2 emitting e-HDi Airdream Berlingo models, please see separate press release.

In Euro 5 format, both the HDi 75 and 90 engines have been further refined to give even better fuel economy and lower emissions.  While power and torque figures are unchanged, both HDi 75 and 90 engines develop their peak torque at 1500rpm, 250rpm less than the outgoing Euro 4 engines, giving improved driveability.  In Euro 5 form, the combined mpg of 54.3 and 52.3 for the HDi 75 and 90 engines respectively is an improvement of up to 9.5%.  CO2 emissions have reduced to 136g/km (HDi 75) and 140g/km (HDi90).  A Berlingo with the e-HDi Airdream powertrain offers even better combined fuel consumption of up to 60.1mpg and CO2 figures as low as 123g/km.

Priced from just £11,645 MRB** the Euro 5 Berlingo range offers an unrivalled choice of factory-built configurations.  This includes two panel van load lengths (L1 & L2), four payloads (625, 725, 750 & 850kg), three trim levels (X, LX & Enterprise), four engines (1.6i 95, HDi 75, HDi 90 & e-HDi 90), five-speed manual or six-speed automated manual EGS6 gearboxes, a 5-seat Crew Van, an enhanced traction XTR+ van and a Platform Cab.  This is to ensure there is a Berlingo to suit all Business Class needs.
(Full details of the Euro 5 Berlingo range are included in the attached table)

Dispatch Euro 5
The new Euro 5 Dispatch range includes an HDi 90 and a new, more powerful HDi 125 diesel engine.  In Euro 5 format the HDi 90 engine has seen its CO2 reduced from 191g/km to 182g/km and its peak torque rating reduced to just 1500rpm for improved driveability.  Fuel economy on the combined cycle has also been improved by 4.2% to 40.9mpg.

The previous HDi 120 engine used in Dispatch Euro 4 models has been replaced by a new Euro 5 HDi 125 engine.  As well as developing more power, this new engine sees a torque boost of 15lb.ft, a major CO2 reduction from 194g/km to 179g/km and an improvement in combined fuel consumption to 41.5mpg.

Priced from £16,070 MRB** the Euro 5 Dispatch range is available in two load lengths (L1 & L2), two roof heights (H1 & H2), two trim levels (standard & Enterprise), two payloads (1000 & 1200kg), as a Platform Cab model for special bodywork and as 6 and 9-seat Combis.  In November, a 6-seat Crew Van will also join the range.  The Dispatch Ready to Run range for bespoke conversions includes, temperature controlled vans and glass carrying vans.
(Full details of the Euro 5 Dispatch range are included in the attached table)

Relay Euro 5
The Relay Euro 5 range now includes the widest choice of engines ever offered for this model, with a choice of advanced HDi engines ranging in power from 110 to 180hp.  The Relay Euro 5 range includes a new HDi 110 engine with a 6-speed gearbox, which replaces the HDi 100 5-speed drivetrain previously available in Euro 4 models.  Similarly, the Euro 4 HDi 120 engine has been replaced by a new, more powerful HDi 130 diesel.  A new HDi 150 engine has also been added to the range.  The Euro 5 HDi 180 engine is the most powerful model available in the Relay range.

The Relay’s HDi 110 engine not only offers more power, but also a lower peak torque speed for enhanced driveability.  Fuel consumption has improved from 34.9mpg to 37.7mpg for the new Relay 30 HDi 110 6-speed manual.  There has also been an important CO2 reduction with the new Relay 110 HDi, now delivering sub 200g/km figures at 199g/km (versus 208g/km for the Euro 4 HDi 100).

Similarly, the Relay’s HDi 130 engine offers more power, coupled with an increase in peak torque from the HDi 120’s 221lb.ft to 236lb.ft.  Fuel consumption has improved from the HDi 120’s 30.4mpg to up to 38.2mpg for the new HDi 130 6-speed manual.  The new HDi 130 engine also provides an amazing 16% CO2 emissions reduction to just 195g/km (down from 232g/km).

Priced from £18,190 MRB** the Euro 5 Relay panel van range includes four load lengths (L1, L2, L3 & L4), three roof heights (H1, H2 & H3), two trim levels (standard & Enterprise), four gross weights (3.0, 3.3, 3.5 & 4.05 tonnes), body volumes ranging from 8 -17m³ and payloads of up to 1827kg.  The Relay is also available in Chassis Cab, Back to Back Cab and Chassis Crew Cab formats, as well as four Specialist Versions.  For bespoke conversions, the Relay Ready to Run range includes dropsides, tippers, Luton vans, high-cube low-loading vans, minibuses, temperature controlled vans and glass carrying vans.