Citroen Honouring a Rally Legend Sebastien Loeb


LONDON, England – Citroen has unveiled a World Rally championship diorama to celebrate Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena winning nine World Rally championships.

Rally Legend Sebastien Loeb

From the snow and ice of Finland to the iconic ruins of the Acropolis, the 1:43 scale model showcases the terrain covered for the nine triumphs.

The diorama has been moulded on to a Citroën DS3, the car with which Loeb and Elena won their ninth rally title. Image gallery


Each scene shows one of the duo’s championship-winning cars, dating back to 2004 and the Citroën Xsara.

Nothing has been left to the imagination as ice and dust clouds provide a sense of speed and flowers, shrubbery, cameramen and spectators complete the scene.

The model took two months for Kieron Barter of Funky Lemon Design to complete.

Barter said: “The initial approach by Citroën really excited me. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience so I jumped at the chance.

“The most enjoyable, perhaps the most challenging, part was working with a DS3 to get the mould for the car. It was something I had not done before – it was very important to get the mould right.”


Marc Raven, communications director at Citroën UK, said: “Sebastien and Daniel have a fantastic history with Citroën and have achieved an incredible feat that’s unlikely to be replicated.

To celebrate, we wanted to create something equally unique. We were keen for this to involve a DS3, the car that underpins their continuing success in the WRC, and this was the result.

“It’s a fantastic piece of art and truly befitting Seb and Daniel’s amazing track record.”

The model will be on show at various Citroen events through 2013.