Cibie’s new LED range…brilliant lighting


LED lights for cars are nowadays much more affordable and also more readily available now than a few years ago, and another new aftermarket product has arrived at accessory outlets.

cibie LED light

The Cibié brand needs no introduction and for almost a century has been sought-after by those who demand the ultimate automotive illumination, whether it be factory fitment or aftermarket driving lights.

The same goes for LED lights for your car, bakkie or SUV, and with the first shipment of Cibié’s new LED spotlights just unpacked onto the shelves at Automotive Technology Specialists (ATS) the latest and the greatest in aftermarket lighting is now available to the discerning 4×4 driver.

These lights can also be used by anyone who can’t afford to be without a clear view of the road ahead.

Three auxiliary high beam spotlights are immediately available:

  • The 180mm (7-inch) Oscar, and
  • The 230mm (9-inch) Super Oscar at 700 Lumen, and
  • The Super Oscar at a class-leading 1 200 Lumen.

The top-spec version of the Super Oscar also incorporates an LED daytime running light as a horizontal bar through the centre of the light.

“Automotive Technology Specialists has been involved in the distribution of Cibie spotlights throughout Southern Africa for almost 30 years, and the brand has become synonymous with excellence in the field of aftermarket and motorsport-specific lighting,” explains ATS Managing Director Robin Houghton.

Both the Oscar and Super Oscar model names have become somewhat iconic here in SA as a result.

“The LED range is going to improve night driving immensely and with Cibie’s heritage and reputation for innovation, it is clear that they know a thing or two about automotive lighting,” says Houghton.

Over 150 patents linked to lighting and electrical technologies have been launched by the brand.

Cibié’s new LED lights are designed and manufactured to operate reliably in the toughest environmental conditions, and they’re exceptionally rugged. For example, the standard corrosion-resistance test they undergo requires exposure to 400 hours of salt spray, and the water-resistance test includes being swamped in 30 centimetres of water for a total of one hour, made up of four consecutive 15 minute sequences. The 3mm steel bracket which is the core component of the spotlight’s mounting hardware is a clear indication that the product is designed with many years of hard work in mind.

The initial offering will all feature a satin black aluminium body and a striking chrome bezel, to retain the same basic “look” as the iconic Cibie Oscar and Super Oscar models from the past.

What does it cost in South Africa?

Pricing for the Oscar starts at a recommended retail price of R4,070.00 each, with the Super Oscar starting at R5,290.00 each. The flagship Super Oscar with daytime running strip retails at R5,695.00 per light.

All prices include VAT with an attractive dealer pricing offer available to retailers.