Christmas Lights and Let it Snow on Google this Xmas


    Yesterday when I searched the internet for some classic Christmas Lyrics I searched for the famous classic Christmas Song “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow”. Google have created a special search page feature that if you’re Search for the words

    “let it snow”

    in Firefox or with Google Chrome it will start snowing on your screen.


    I have made a short video with the song “Let it Snow” and the Google Screen Snowing and Freezing up for those that missed it or cannot get it to work on their browsers.

     Christmas Lights and Decorations when you search for “Christmas” on Google

    This whole month we have been in a Christmas spirit here at 3D Car Shows. Today I decided to search for Christmas ideas and things to do during the Christmas season. When I searched for “Christmas” in Google I saw that they have this year decorated the Google Search pages with Christmas Lights and Decorations.

    I personally love the “small little things that Google is doing this year to bright up Christmas. It also brings some of the traditional Christmas spirit to the digital world, making this year a special Cyber Christmas as well.”

    For those people that cannot go home this Christmas. For those that need to work. At least they will have some joy and Christmas spirit just searching Google and discovering this small little joy this Christmas.

    From all of us here at 3D Car Shows we would like to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! May this season holidays bring you joy and happiness…

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